Support Raising Advice

  • Christian Fundraising Consultancy

    Christian Fundraising Consultancy, formerly known as McConkey Johnston international UK, offers cutting-edge insights, 'hands-on' fundraising and marketing services and training to Christian charities in the UK and Europe.

    Tel: 0777 558 2696
  • Fundraising Ideas

    This is a great page for gleaning do-it-yourself ideas for fundraising.

  • Generousity Alive

    This site aims to draw more attention to the skill or art of being a wise and generous giver.

  • Living Generously

    Living Generously is several things. Firstly it's a message, it's about making a difference in the world in which we live by using our time, money and energy to help others. One way we have decided to support this message is to set up this web site to challenge, inspire and empower people to live generously. In practical terms, the web site also provides a single access point enabling you to find gifts meeting different needs across the world and then either give a specific gift or invite friends and family to give to those you have selected by setting up a gift list, e.g. for christmas, birthday or a wedding. It's not just about giving of our money, its about our lifestyle and looking beyond ourselves. It may not involve money at all, it may be giving some of our time to help with a local youth project or doing kind things for those around us.

  • Relational

    Information on relational fundraising, an online course, a 4-day workshop on personal support raising including a trainer's day, and other helpful resources.

  • The Charity Commission for England & Wales

    The Charity Commission's website often contains the most up-to-date details of any charity or trust, so should be used when contacting a trust. You can also read the annual reports of any trust, making it a useful tool for researchers.
  • The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

    The Commission regulates charities operating in Northern Ireland. The site has a database of charities.