Holidays - Non-UK

  • Elbow Holy Land Tours

    We offer personalised tours of the Holy Land for Churches and Christian Groups. Our aim is to provide tours at prices people can afford to enable as many Christians as possible to visit the Holy Land and walk in the footsteps of Yeshua.
    Tel: 01444 391280
  • Richmond Holidays

    We aim to provide outstanding and memorable holidays throughout the year for all members of the church family with Word-based and Christ-centred ministry to enrich and encourage you in your Christian life.
    Tel: 020 3004 2661
    Location: Bournemouth, Dorset
  • Spring Harvest Holidays

    Starting with 2003, Spring Harvest launched Spring Harvest Holidays at La Pas Opton, a 4 star holiday site in the Vandée region of Western France.
    Tel: 01825 748318
    Location: Uckfield, East Sussex