Non-UK Accommodation

  • Fermata casa, Tuscany, Italy

    Accommodation in a restored Tuscan farmhouse for all members of the Christian ministry (missionaries, pastors, children's teachers).Ms. Kranjc runs the house and is the contact person for advice, pastoral care and personal debriefing. It is our hope that our guests find a place of rest and relaxation here and continue their service strengthened.
    Tel: +4917653902524
    Location: Italy
  • Life Impact, Good Book Oasis, Slovakia

    Life Impact offers (globally located) hosted places of rest, retreat, and renewal (called Oases) for ministry leaders. Our guests have the option of utilizing coaching services when they visit an Oasis. So the Oasis can be a place of rest and refreshment to you and your family. And I would be glad to discuss Childrens’ Education or MK issues with you if you desire. I would also be able to coach you in an issue you want to process for perspective, resolution or new direction.
  • Neue Hoffnung Marburg

    Accommodation in Germany and advisory services are specially designed for full-time employees at home and abroad who are in the service of a community, a Christian work or in an intercultural context. The following options are available for this advisory service:

    Debriefing (after an assignment abroad or a certain period of service)
    Family debriefing
    Spiritual accompaniment
    Seminars and programs from external speakers
    Pastoral care
    Supervision (individual and team supervision)
    Location: Germany