Mission/Christian Vacancy Websites - Non-UK

  • Christian Veterinary Mission

    CVM is a US based professional sending agency. For more than 30 years, CVM has encouraged and sent veterinary professionals and their families throughout the world serving with churches, mission agencies and development organizations.
    Location: Seattle, WA, United States
  • Mission Finder

    A US based service offering assistance for finding worldwide mission projects: Vocational, medical, short term, orphanages. Classified lists of sending agencies, mission resources, travel tips, insurance, and more.
    Location: La Jolla, CA, United States
  • Mission Nannys

    This US based ministry is intended to assist those mature Christian women over 50 years of age who wish to apply their domestic skills to assist a missionary family or single missionaries by providing help as a nanny or nannies, helping with cooking, music, education, teaching, entertainment, shopping, babysitting, where children are involved. This can be an ideal ministry for senior and retired women, and a wonderful opportunity for a short term missions experience.
    Location: La Jolla, CA, United States
  • Mission.ch

    A Swiss focused mission opportunities service. The site is in German and French.
    Location: Switzerland
  • MissionNext

    This US based ministry is a movement to provide information, challenge, and pathways for people to join God in His passion for His glory among the nations.
    Location: United States
  • MissionNext's Education Pathway (TeachNext)

    The goal of the Education Pathway (TeachNext) from MissionNext is to provide options for educators and schools. It matches teachers, and other support candidates, to the international schools that need their services. Many teaching opportunities at International Christian schools are advertised through their site.
    Location: United States
  • Missions Interlink, Australia

    Directory of nearly 80 mission agencies in the formerly named Evangelical Missionary Alliance, NSW, Australia. Mission opportunities and events are also displayed through their website.
    Location: Pinewood, VIC, Australia
  • Missions-Trip.com

    International sending organizations can make listings short term and long term free of charge. Missions-Trip.com helps potential missionaries find an organization who's short term or long term mission trip best fits their calling and heart to serve God overseas as international missionaries. Search or browse their database for ministry opportunities and overseas mission trip opportunities.
    Location: United States
  • Red Letter Jobs

    USA based. Mostly US church roles but some mission-focused and some international.
  • ShortTermMissions.com

    A US based website devoted to helping people find all of the information they need in choosing and preparing for a short-term missions trip.ShortTermMissions.com is coordinated, produced, and maintained by Mission Data International (m-DAT) and its volunteers.
    Location: Vancouver, WA, United States
  • STM Network

    Are you looking for short-term mission trips originating out of Canada? The STM Network website is full of articles, forms, teachers, speakers, a trips database, an online bulletin board and bookstore. It is a relational network of local churches across Canada who provide quality resources, training, mobilization and nurturing expertise for the emerging wave of STM activity.
    Location: Canada