Training and development resources, plus other related services, for those thinking about or going into retirement

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A long-term missionary couple who returned from overseas to retire after many years of service were later asked 'What one piece of advice would you give to new mission workers leaving for the field?' Their answer was 'Buy a House'. They had made no provision for housing in their retirement...
It's all in the mind! Life begins at 65 (67, 70 or ...)! What a marvellous opportunity, and what vistas open up ahead! You have the advantage 'every which way' - you are now entering a new situation, with new opportunities - nothing is set in stone; there are the...
Recently a retired missionary said 'I wish I had been told earlier that I should plan and save for my long term future'. Becoming a missionary or a church worker is a wonderful calling, but it doesn't mean that we should forget about our future. After all, Paul continued tent making...
  • AfterWorkNet

    AfterWorkNet's mission is to help actively retired Christians live life to the full, to help them explore areas of service and to understand what discipleship means in this phase of their lives.
  • Faith in Later Life

    Faith in Later Life is sponsored by five Christian charities who all work with older people. Together, we collectively have more than 750 years experience, and have a shared mission to help churches and individual Christians to engage more effectively with older people.

    Between us, the five charities impact the lives of thousands of older people through churches, in the community, and in residential homes.

    We share our extensive expertise in training and educating throughout the UK. Through this website we want to bring together all the best resources that serve and empower older Christians as well as reaching older people in wider communities, that all older people may live fulfilled lives.

  • Pilgrims' Friend Society

    We enable older people to flourish as God intended through our care homes, residential housing and support for churches and communities. We offer a wide range Retirement Living places available to rent at affordable prices.
    Tel: 0300 303 1400
    Location: Southwark, London