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Book Reviews

A feature of this book on cross cultural marriages by Janet Fraser-Smith. Recommended by Dr. George Verwer.
A review of this guide by Alexis Kenny
A review of this book by Debbie Hawker and Tim Herbert
"This is a thoughtful and nourishing book, full of insight into the biblical narrative and into human nature. An excellent book for all engaged in Christian ministry". A review of this book by Tony Horsfall. Reviewed by Sue Ingleby.
Reviewed by Sue Ingleby
  • Member Care Media (MCM)

    Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR especially prepared for Cross-Cultural Workers around the globe whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult places. It is our goal to encourage, enhance and enable these workers in their places of calling so that they will stay effective and fulfilled.

  • Elijah Company Missionary Mentorship Network

    Elijah Company Missionary Mentorship Network was created to provide resources for those on or going to the field. The articles are condensations aimed to encourage and instruct.

  • Headington Institute

    The Headington Institute provides psychological and spiritual support to relief and development workers worldwide.
  • International Training Partners

    International Training Partners is a US based organisation which provides practical, interactive, biblical training for missionaries and Christians from other countries. They equip these people to relate effectively with family, co-workers, other missionaries, and in cross-cultural contexts. The main topic of these workshops is 'Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills' (SYIS), but facilitator training workshops are also offered. Workshops run all over the world.