This section has information on those who provide member care services or advice to mission workers.

Book Reviews

"If you consider yourself a member carer, or if you want to explore any issues related to missionary wellbeing, then this is a great book to have at your fingertip". A review of this member care guide book by Laura Mae Gardner. Reviewed by Mike Frith.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
"Be warned - this book is dynamite, blowing excuses and ignorance to smithereens". A review of this book by Marina Prins and Braam Willemse. Reviewed by Joy Piper.
Reviewed by Joy Piper
"The book covers so much ground and provides so many practical tips that even if your church has a well-developed strategy for missionary care, there's probably something here that you can use". A review of this book by David J Wilson. Reviewed by Marti Wade.
Reviewed by Marti Wade