UK Schools

  • Ashville College, Harrogate

    Welcomes the children of Missionaries and Christian Workers. Means tested bursaries will likely be applicable to MK families.
    Tel: 01423 566 358
  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

    A US based ministry linking ACSI member schools around the world and providing a comprehensive online directory.
  • Christian Education Europe

    We provide a complete Christian curriculum for schools and home educators that ranges from early years to entering university and the workplace.
    Tel: 01793 783783
  • Dean Close School, Cheltenham

    Bursaries available to missionary children.
    Tel: 01242 258000
  • Department for Education

    From this site you can obtain information about UK state schools.
  • King's College, Taunton

    Up to 50% remission on school fees for the sons and daughters of ordained and practising full-time clergy. Other low-paid workers may apply for assistance from bursary funds. All awards may be means-tested.
  • Monkton Combe School, Bath

    Bursaries available to clergy and missionary children.
  • New Christian Schools

    A portal site providing links to many of the new Christian schools throughout the UK.
  • Ofsted

    Through the Ofsted site you can obtain the latest Ofsted reports on any UK state school.
  • Parent View

    Parent View is an Ofsted run site which enables parents to review their child's school. This becomes a useful directory of UK schools as seen by the parents, if you're looking to select a school.
  • Schoolzone

    This site has many education resources including a comprehensive UK schools directory.
    Tel: 01242 262906
  • St David's College, Llandudno

    Boarding places and bursary for the children of missionaries and full-time Christian workers available.
  • Stowe School, Stowe, Buckingham

    Scholarship available to the children of those involved in Christian work (though competitively challenged for). Successful candidate could be supported with a means tested bursary.
    Tel: 01280 818000
  • The Christian Schools' Trust

    The Christian Schools' Trust is a group of independent Christian schools working together. There are around 40 member schools who vary greatly in their profiles and backgrounds but our common vision draws us together.
  • The Independent Schools Christian Alliance (TISCA)

    TISCA exists to help independent schools, as well as those who teach and govern in them, to uphold Christian truth and promote Christian values in education.
    Tel: 0784 936 4967
  • The Independent Schools Council

    This is the official site for the 1,300 UK schools accredited by the Independent Schools Council.
  • The Park School, Yeovil

    50% bursary for the children of full-time Christian workers.
    Tel: 01935 850555
  • Trinity Christian School, Reading

    We are an independent school in Reading, whose aim is to welcome all primary aged children in the area, with an view to both educate and share the love of Jesus with them.
    Tel: 07583883417
  • Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks

    Free places to daughters of missionaries (non-boarding). Other bursaries for full-time Christian workers.
    Tel: 01732 451334