Home Education Resources (Christian)

Resources for those doing home schooling in a Christian context 

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I doubt if we would have considered home education if we had remained in the UK. When we moved to Cyprus towards the end of 1997, our sons were 11 and 9 and had been attending an excellent CofE primary school in the UK. They asked to learn at home...
  • Diamond Books

    Diamond Books is the exciting Bible-based Reading Project that aims to develop in children a love for the Bible at the same time as helping them develop their reading skills.
    Tel: 0151 321 0325
    Location: Wirral, Merseyside
  • Immanuel Online School

    The vision of Immanuel Online School is to be a Christian learning community of educational excellence, where the Christian faith inspires and illuminates our teaching and learning.
  • Christian Education Europe

    We provide a complete Christian curriculum for schools and home educators that ranges from early years to entering university and the workplace.
    Tel: 01793 783783
    Location: Shrivenham, Oxfordshire
  • Deut 6v7

    Originally sponsored by the Home Service, Deut6v7 is a mailing list for Christian home-schoolers in the UK.
  • Dumb Ox Learning

    As an alternative to UK qualifications, you might want to consider the many advantages of US qualifications which are accepted by UK employers and universities. Live online AP and SAT Exam preparation classes for the UK, USA and worldwide
    Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire
  • Fertile Heart

    A Fertile Heart is a faith inspired program designed to shape the future of young people through the delivery of relationships and sexual health education (RSHE).
    Tel: 01785 815110
    Location: Stone, Staffordshire
  • Orchard Academy

    Orchard Academy is an online school for learners aged 3-18 years old. We offer a variety of courses mapped to the UK National Curriculum as well as extra curricular groups too.
  • Personal Maths Tutor for MKs

    I have taught maths (and philosophy) for the last 20 years at my local school, and recently have started distance-teaching (via Zoom with a missionary family) at secondary school level.
    In my upcoming retirement, it is my vision to be able to teach maths to young people in missionary families where the parents (and local schools?) cannot adequately meet this need.
  • SHARE Education Services

    SHARE Education Services helps expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia with their children's education needs.
    Tel: +1-719 302-5462 (USA)
    Location: Pella, IA, United States
  • TCK Education

    Topics include education options profiles, how to evaluate the options, teaching helps for parents, and kids’ special needs that may impact learning.
  • Theocentric Christian Education

    TCE provide a guided system of God-centred home and private education for children.
    Location: Bloubergrand, South Africa