General Education Support Services

Services offering education support

  • Educational Trusts' Forum

    This site includes registered charities that are prepared to consider grants and awards to assist families in need who cannot afford educational or boarding fees. Some of these have given to support children of mission workers at independent schools. e.g. Lloyd Foundation, Mercers' Company and Royal Medical Foundation.
  • Independent School Fees Advice (SFIA)

    SFIA Ltd is a UK specialist in school fee planning and they offer advice and information through their website. Independent schools can also be searched for through their site.
    Tel: 01628 566777
    Location: Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

    UKCISA provides advice and information to international students studying in the UK and to staff who work with them. Their site includes information about student financial support for those coming to or back to the UK for further education, as well as advice for UK students contemplating study abroad.
    Tel: 020 7788 9214
    Location: London