Non-UK Education Resources (Christian & general)

Resources for children's education and school support, both Christian and general, from outside the UK

  • Guide for Homeschool Students Transitioning to College in the USA

    The guide offers information for homeschooled students on finding and applying to college in the USA, which can be a daunting prospect for many students, but it can be especially challenging for homeschooled students. 
  • Homeschooling Articles

    Math and Reading Help for Kids is a US based directory of articles offering tips for homework help, improving test scores, developing positive study habits, and more.
  • Interactive Science Teacher

    These science lessons are perfect for science teachers who are tired of worksheets, and are ready for lessons that will excite, motivate, and inspire both students and their teacher.
  • Sonlight Curriculum

    This is a North American based Christian homeschooling service. They offer materials based on an International homeschooling curriculum with worldwide appeal.
    Location: Littleton, CO, United States
  • Teachers In Service

    This North American based organisation has three main areas of focus. The first area is to address professional needs of teachers and schools of missionary children. The second is to contribute to the development of college programs for prospective teachers of missionary children (MK teachers) that will enable them to begin teaching in a mission school immediately after graduation from college. Third is recruitment of MK teachers from working and retired teachers and prospective teachers.
    Location: United States