Resources for Children

Resources to help children in mission situations or to help inform children about mission

Book Reviews

Janet Brown and Ruth MacBean have produced 'mission & me?', a flexible six week course ready to be used in churches to excite, inspire and challenge children & young people and their families, to be involved in God's Mission.
  • Boxes of adventure to explore

    Your children will have great fun exploring our country boxes. They're ideal for your sunday school, RE class or youth group to discuss different cultures.
    We've dozens of boxes containing fascinating items such as: ethnic costumes, hats, bags, domestic tools, flags, foreign currency, musical instruments, toys and dolls.
    They're an instant display of fascinating artefacts to enhance learning providing an interactive experience.
    Contact WEC Youth about particular countries, themes or items.
    Tel: 01244 537934
    Location: Coventry, West Midlands
  • Diamond Books

    Diamond Books is the exciting Bible-based Reading Project that aims to develop in children a love for the Bible at the same time as helping them develop their reading skills.
    Tel: 0151 321 0325
    Location: Wirral, Merseyside
  • Activity

    This secular site has lots of good information and links to help entertain and educate children up to the age of 10.
  • BookEnds

    BookEnds International is a ministry that cares for overseas workers by giving them something they value — books for their children! In many countries English books and libraries are rare to non-existent, which makes finding appropriate books for growing children a real challenge. In remote locations books are often the primary form of entertainment, making them even more important and valued.
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship Britain

    Child Evangelism Fellowship trains and equips churches in England, Scotland and Wales to reach children with the Gospel, provides them with lesson packs and other teaching materials and offers assistance with Holiday Bible Club and 5-Day Club outreaches.
    Tel: 01202 233286
    Location: Poole, Dorset
  • Colour Bible

    The Colour Bible, by Eric Visser, is a simple printed resource which consists of 10 stories from the Old Testament and 10 from the New Testament, each with text in basic English and a picture to colour in. The Messianic promise develops as you progress through the stories. It's the gospel in a nutshell, simple but effective. There is no copyright on the Colour Bible, so you can print as many copies as you like or use it as part of your own outreach material. A Spanish version is also available and a version in the Swahili language is in preparation.


  • Every Child Ministries (ECM)

    Every Child Ministries is dedicated to encouraging and empowering African Churches to disciple their new generation for Jesus Christ. They do this by teaching, training teachers and leaders and equipping churches with teaching materials.
    Location: Hebron, IN, United States
  • Go Teach

    Go Teach Publications Ltd is a UK based registered charity, which publishes Bible teaching material for use with children and young people aged 3 to 14 years.
    Tel: 01625 422279
    Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • In the Lion's Den

    During the pandemic Daniel Forde-Pogson made short children's videos for use in his daughter's school since the weren't allowing anyone through the doors. He's a puppeteer and has worked with children professionally and within the church for 30 years. Anyone is welcome to use them.
  • Interaction International

    This US site and service has been set up to be a catalyst and resource working cooperatively in the development of programs, services and publications to provide and contribute to an on-going flow of care that meets the needs of third-culture kids* (TCKs) and internationally mobile families.
    Tel: +1 630 653 8780 (USA)
    Location: Mineral Springs, NC, United States
  • Mission & Me?

    Two exciting resources for your church to inspire everyone to get engaged with world mission and consider how they can get involved.
  • MK Care

    This German website (in German) offers resources and care for MKs across Europe.
    Location: Korntal, Germany
  • MK Connection

    This US site calls itself a central place for finding things of interest to MKs and TCKs.
    Location: United States
  • My Adventure in God's World

    Three booklets entitled 'My Adventure in God's World' have been written by Claudia Smith for Primary School Students to help them with their transition to and from the field. The first focuses on Pre-field Preparation, the second on Home Leave and the third on Re-entry. These are available through OSCAR and completely FREE to download. They are must have resources for every young mission family.

    Book 1 - Pre-field Preparation:
    Book 2 - Home Leave:
    Book 3 - Re-entry:

  • Stories of Hope

    Latin Link have created two fantastic FREE resources, for children's ministry (5-10) and youth work (11-16) which provide young people with an exciting introduction to Biblical themes of hope and mission.
    Location: Reading, Berkshire
  • TCK World

    This US based site has many links and information for 'Third Culture Kids'.
  • Teach Sunday School

    Discover Hundreds of Printable Bible Lesson Plans, Study Materials, & Activities That Make God's Word Come Alive for Kids, Teens, & Adults.
  • The Good News Coloring Book

    The Good News Coloring Book (GNCB) is a coloring book which uses only scripture verses, God's Word, to tell the story of Jesus Christ. Key passages have been illustrated to appeal to children, and through children to their parents. By using only scripture, the GNCB has been easy to translate. Using a New Testament in another language, verses are copied exactly as they appear.
    Location: Florida, United States
  • When Abroad, Do as the Local Children Do: Ori's Guide for Young Expats

    This is the title of a book available through Amazon. "... an easy and fun way for children and parents to reflect on, and talk about together, their upcoming transition, and throughout each of its distinct phases. Filled with warmth and humour, age-appropriate activities and strategies, it is a valuable part of any relocating family's pre-departure tool-chest."
  • Wycliffe Children's Resources

    Produced by Wycliffe's US team with ideas from around the world, these fun, interactive lessons, from simulations to stories, ethnic meals to hilarious games, slight-of-hand stunts to crafts to linguistic problem-solving. For children from pre-school to teens and up.
    Location: Oxford