Pastoral Courses & Events (Global)

Links to non-UK based pastoral courses or events

  • Operation Mobilisation 'Face to Face' Course

    Face to Face is a two-week personal development course following the Lord’s invitation to “come aside with me to a quiet place”. This course is for Christian workers who have been involved in cross-cultural work or other Christian ministry for at least 2 years and who want to develop their relationship with God, grow in self-awareness, and be better placed for service and leadership.
    Location: Oswestry, Shropshire
  • 2-in-2-1

    This is a site all about Marriage. There is information on courses, advice and articles about all aspects of marriage, whether you're needing help in some areas or just interested in keeping your marriage 'alive' and 'on track'.
  • Alongside, Michigan, USA

    Alongside is a Christian ministry that fosters growth and renewal of mind, body and soul for missionaries, pastors and other leaders. Through retreats that offer professional counseling, teaching, and community, Alongside fosters restoration for those who have found themselves in difficult circumstances.
    Tel: 269.447.2100
    Location: Michigan, United States
  • Barnabas International, Wisconsin, USA

    Barnabas International exists to edify, encourage, enrich, and strengthen servants in ministry. We creatively seek ways to fulfill our charter through a variety of ministry models. We are pastoral care providers, shepherding the hearts and souls of God’s people. Our ministry priorities are targeted toward global servants, pastors, national church leaders, and their families.
    Tel: 815-395-1335
    Location: Elkhorn, WI, United States
  • Barnabas Zentrum (Centre), AUSTRIA

    Barnabas Zentrum is an interdenominational counseling retreat program designed for Christian workers serving in Eastern and Western Europe , Africa , Asia , and the Middle East . Barnabas Zentrum offers counseling retreats for singles/couples and for families with children. These retreats are held at Schloss Heroldeck in Millstatt, Austria.
    Location: Millstatt, Austria
  • Breathe Conference, Switzerland

    Breathe is a 10-day retreat intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of singles, couples, and families who are in need of a break from global work.
    Location: Wilderswil, Switzerland
  • Come before Winter

    Come before Winter is dedicated to helping women in ministry thrive. We provide space and time for God to renew, equip, honor, and unite women in Christian leadership. They run regular online renewal classes.
    Location: Austin, TX, United States
  • Eirene, Argentina

    Eirene Argentina, the Integral service to the family Civil Association, was founded in 2006, and its purpose is to reinforce family relationships - instilling values such as love, justice, and peace. The Eirene center is located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It offers courses and workshops of different types and duration related to the family environment.
  • Ellel Ministries France

    Since April 2006, Ellel Ministries has been present in France thanks to the signature of a ten-year partnership concluded with the site of “the Christian Fraternity” of Saint-Laurent du Pont in June 2007. In 2015, Ellel expands to Avignon through healing retreats, and in 2016 a modular school was launched in Lille.
    Tel: 04 76 55 42 66
    Location: France
  • Ellel Ministries Netherlands

    Ellel Ministries Netherlands is located on an historic estate at the edge of the small village of Baak. In this beautiful God-given place we run the Ellel courses and Healing Retreats for our guests, for every one from 18 to 80+!. Here you can enjoy the peace of this prayer-place and let the fellowship, worship, Kingdom-teaching and ministry strengthen you. Come join our vision to see Christians discipled, healed, set free and released into their God-given destiny.
    Tel: +31 575 441 452
    Location: Netherlands
  • Ellel Ministries Rwanda

    Ellel Rwanda is established in Kigali and runs various courses and ministry events. Our vision is to be an instrument in God’s hand to bring healing and restoration to the nation of Rwanda and other surrounding nations. We offer courses related to emotional, physical and spiritual healing and discipleship, as well as once-a-year longer schools ranging from 5-12 days. Once a month we hold healing services which are free and open to the public.
    Tel: +250789501986
    Location: Rwanda
  • Ellel Ministries Singapore

    Ellel Singapore was established in 2005. We hold a wide variety of training and ministry events in Singapore and also have a vision to reach other nations in East Asia with the life-changing teachings about healing and discipleship.
    Tel: +65 6252 4234
    Location: Singapore
  • Ellel Ministries South Africa

    Ellel Africa is based at Shere House in Pretoria, South Africa. We hold a variety of events, both at the centre and at churches around South Africa. We are also the base for mission visits to other parts of Africa. Ellel KwaZulu-Natal was established in 2012 and is based near Durban, South Africa. We run training courses and healing services in the area.
    Tel: +27 12 809 0031
    Location: South Africa
  • Ellel Ministries, Australia

    Ellel Australia is based at Gilbulla near Sydney, where we run a wide selection of short courses, healing retreats and longer training events. Ellel Australia started here in 2002. Ellel Victoria began in 2014. We offer teaching and ministry events at various locations in this part of Australia. We offer in-depth and online training opportunities, conferences, Healing Retreats and events for pastors and leaders.
    Tel: +61 (0)2 4633 8102
    Location: Australia
  • Ellel Ministries, Canada

    The vision of Ellel Ministries Canada is to come alongside people, to minister, to train and to disciple them, so that each one's particular gifts and calling can be fully used in the Body of Christ. This is done by offering Healing Retreats, weekend courses, summer events like our Time Out for Married Couples and The Explore School of Healing and Discipleship.
    Tel: +1 613 273 8700
    Location: Canada
  • Ellel Ministries, New Zealand

    We are based in a rented office in a local church in Christchurch, but are a very mobile team, travelling to a number of churches in Christchurch and around New Zealand (so far including Mosgiel, Dunedin, Greymouth, Reefton, Westport, Richmond/Nelson, Mapua and Carterton) to provide seminars, training, healing meetings and prayer ministry. We also host international speakers and healing retreats.
    Tel: +64 (0)21 269 8384
    Location: New Zealand
  • Excelling Leaders, USA

    Excelling Leaders is a non profit ministry that provides a safe place for missionary families, couples and singles to receive coaching, debriefing and resources to equip them to be effective and resilient. We offer a debriefing retreat, coaching and resilience building.
    Tel: +1 616-202-6417
    Location: Paw Paw, MI, United States
  • Families in Ministry

    Location: Hainichen, Germany
  • Healing-Care Counseling and Training, PA, USA

    Healing-Care Counseling (HCC) is dedicated to strengthening personal, spiritual, and relational health through Christian non-clinical professional counseling and training services
    Tel: (717) 872 - 7440
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States
  • International Training Partners

    International Training Partners is a US based organisation which provides practical, interactive, biblical training for missionaries and Christians from other countries. The main topic of workshops is 'Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills' (SYIS).
    Location: United States
  • Le Rucher Ministries

    Le Rucher Ministries offers various Member Care services, including Debriefing (group retreats and individual) and training in Basic Debriefing and Crisis & Trauma Peer Response for member care providers, both at their centre in France and on the field.
    Tel: +33 450.28.03.81 (FRANCE)
    Location: Cessy, France
  • Link Care

    This US based ministry runs a Missionary Restoration/Personal Growth Programme based in California. It is designed 'to meet the needs of missionaries and pastors having encountered difficulties in their fields of service, desiring to come to Link Care for a time of counseling, seeking to regain perspective on life and ministry'.
    Tel: 559.439.2214
    Location: Fresno, CA, United States
  • Marble Retreat Worldwide

    Retreat areas including Kenya, Austria, Malaysia and South Africa. Known as Marble Retreat Worldwide, their program deals with marital issues, sexual problems, depressive illness, spiritual concerns and vocational conflicts.
    Location: Carbondale, Colorado, United States
  • Mobile Member Care Team

    Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) is a cooperative, inter-mission ministry that provides training, consultation, referral and direct crisis response for missionaries on the field.
    Location: Midlothian, VA, United States
  • MTO Moyoni Retreat Centre, Uganda

    MTO MOYONI  (Swahili for “river in the heart”) is a retreat centre on the banks of the river Nile, for people seeking spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment.
    Location: Jinja, Uganda
  • Narramore Christian Foundation

    NCF is a US-based, non-profit Christian organization serving throughout the world and dedicated to preventing and solving problems of underserved, global, cross-cultural Kingdom servants through seminars, education, the world-wide web, and literature.
    Tel: +1 626 821 8400
    Location: Arcadia, CA, United States
  • Refresh Retreats

    Heartstream Resources' Rest For Your Body, Counsel For Your Soul! Refresh is a 10-day retreat designed for cross-cultural workers. Held in various locations globally. Program includes counseling, medical consultation, massage, dynamic TCK program, meals & lodging.
    Tel: 1-717-444-2374
    Location: Liverpool, PA, United States
  • Retreat Centres Online

    This site lists Christian retreat centres and courses, mainly for the USA and Canada.
  • Single Vision

    Single Vision is a Member Care renewal retreat that focuses on ministering to the Protestant multi- national missions community to enhance spiritual growth, cross-cultural integration skills, emotional health, physical exercise and personal connection.
    Tel: 1 803 556 6192
    Location: Lexington, SC, United States
  • Tikvah Ministries Switzerland

    We continue our mission by offering pastoral care and training weekends. In doing so, we want to strengthen people in their hope and following Jesus and enable them to live and spread the good news.
    Tel: +41 61 643 71 08
    Location: Riehen, Switzerland
  • Traction Conference, Switzerland

    TRACTION is a 6-day experience designed to encourage global workers serving cross-culturally. TRACTION is different than any other kind of conference. It isn't about filling notebooks or honing leadership skills. It's about living as single men, husbands, fathers, leaders, and as guys who deal with tremendous stresses cross-culturally.
    Location: Wilderswil, Switzerland
  • Vinculo Foundation, Columbia

    We are a non-profit Foundation established in Medellín, Colombia since 2005 specialized in the areas of Family, Integrative Care and Integral Care from a Christian ethic.
    Tel: +57 319 7835082
    Location: Medellín, Colombia
  • Wellspring of Hope, USA

    We provide counseling that fits into the schedule and needs of our clients. Individual, Marriage, Family, or Intensive counseling is available in a fashion that promotes wellness, delivered in a modality of treatment that affirms and identifies with each client. We deliver evidence based marriage therapy that brings resolution to current conflicts, forgiveness to past hurts and offenses, relational restoration, and renewed intimacy.
    Tel: 434-439-4822
    Location: Beckham, VA, United States