Christian Pastoral Services

Organisations or websites which can offer advice or help on pastoral or spiritual issues

  • 2-in-2-1

    This is a site all about Marriage. There is information on courses, advice and articles about all aspects of marriage, whether you're needing help in some areas or just interested in keeping your marriage 'alive' and 'on track'.
  • Care for the Family

    Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties.
    Tel: 029 2081 0800
    Location: Newport, Wales
  • Ellel Ministries France

    Since April 2006, Ellel Ministries has been present in France thanks to the signature of a ten-year partnership concluded with the site of “the Christian Fraternity” of Saint-Laurent du Pont in June 2007. In 2015, Ellel expands to Avignon through healing retreats, and in 2016 a modular school was launched in Lille.
    Tel: 04 76 55 42 66
    Location: France
  • Field Life, Malaysia

    Field Life offers care, coaching, and a guest house for global workers. Our guesthouse is in Malaysia and our work is done online and in-person as needed.
    Location: Malaysia
  • Good News Family Care

    Good News Family Care (GNFC) provides accommodation and community support for vulnerable women and children including their wider family, who are affected by debilitating circumstances such as domestic violence, homelessness or substance abuse.
    Tel: 01298 24761
    Location: Buxton, Derbyshire
  • L'Abri England

    L’Abri is a Christian community. We offer hospitality to people from all backgrounds and nationalities as we search together for honest answers to life's important questions, believing that Christianity gives us a basis for finding truth for every aspect of life.
    Tel: +44-1420-538436
    Location: Liss, Hants
  • Neue Hoffnung Marburg

    Accommodation in Germany and advisory services are specially designed for full-time employees at home and abroad who are in the service of a community, a Christian work or in an intercultural context. 
    Location: Marburg, Hesse, Germany
  • Pocket Testament League UK (Bridge-Builders)

    The Pocket Testament League (UK) is an Evangelical Christian organisation dedicated to helping Christians share their faith through provision of pocket Gospels.
    Tel: 01903 705 362
    Location: Worthing
  • The Way

    To advise, support and train individuals and organisation in relation to habit forming/ addictive behaviour. Bringing restoration and rehabilitation and helping people break free from the destructive cycles of addiction and lead fulfilling lives.