Sources of Travel Health Advice

Travel health advice links and resources

  • Thrive Worldwide 'Outbreak Notices'

    The Thrive Worldwide blog contains monthly notices of the latest outbreaks.
  • British Medical Journal

    BMJ occasionally includes articles and papers about travel and tropical medicine which can be of interest to those looking for the latest advances and developments in this field. For a recent review of travel medicine, see the link below.
    Location: London
  • Expat Network

    This website allows you to choose a country to find visa requirements, cuisine, culture, public holidays and lots of other useful information.
    Location: Plumpton Green, East Sussex
  • Fit for Travel

    'Fit for Travel' is the NHS public access website providing travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK. The website is compiled and updated by a team of experts from the Travel Medicine Division at the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health. There is a searchable map giving details of immunisations needed for each country.
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office

    FCO have a comprehensive list of UK embassies overseas and foreign embassies in the UK.
  • IAMAT (The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers)

    IAMAT is a non-profit membership organization. Since its founding in 1960, IAMAT has been a world leader in advising travellers of health risks, geographical distribution of diseases, immunization requirements and sanitary conditions of water, milk and food, and environmental and climatic conditions around the globe.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Jungle Formula

    This site includes information on the range of insect repellents produced by 'Jungle Formula' along with how you can obtain them.
    Tel: 0203 598 9603
    Location: Vauxhall, London
  • National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

    The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) provides health information for both health professionals and travellers. The information has been compiled by the NaTHNaC clinical and scientific team, and is updated regularly. On these pages you will be able find information about health risks in your destination country, general health and safety advice, plus reports of disease outbreaks.
    Location: London
  • NHS Healthcare Abroad

    This website, produced by the Department of Health, contains vital information on: Avoiding health risks, planning for healthy travelling and obtaining emergency medical treatment along with lots of useful details. This website also tells you how to get medical treatment abroad, including information on the European Health Insurance card, or EHIC - the replacement for the E111.

    This is a nurse-led, easy to use, TravelHealth guide on the web. Sections include TravelHealth Advice, Disease Prevention, Travel Planning Tools, Travel Shop and TravelHealth Learning Resources. This site sets out to make you aware of the health risks associated with travel and offers practical common sense advice to help you avoid injury and disease.