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  • i-church

    The internet church, or i-church, is intended to be a Christian community of the Church of England based in the Diocese of Oxford under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Oxford. Community membership will be open to people of all Christian traditions. Church activities are organised through an active web site, and led by an ordained or lay 'web pastor'.
    Location: Oxford, Oxon
  • St Pixels

    St Pixels, run by 'Ship of Fools', bills itself as 'the online church where you can meet others, talk about serious and not-so-serious stuff, discuss what you do and don't believe, go to regular services, and join a pioneering worldwide community'.

    The last St Pixels service in Facebook took place in 2015, and the limited company was wound up in January 2018. However, the community stays in touch via its Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Webchurch

    This is Scotland's first virtual church.
    Location: Scotland