2 - 4 Nov 2020
Bangor, United Kingdom
Admission: Fee/Ticketed
Duration: More than 1 day
Type: Training
Activity: Education & Training, Health & Medical, Practical & Technical
Address: Bangor
County Down

Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) course

For individuals and organisations travelling to countries where there is a medium to high level security risk, we offer a one and two-day modular Hostile Environment Awareness Training course (HEAT) that includes the subjects below. This course provides peace of mind for the traveller, their family and the sending organisation, plus protects against potential litigation and reputational damage. The course is of value to those going on short-term mission trips or embarking on a long-term overseas project.


Day 1

Personal Safety Foundation including behaviour on foot, in a vehicle or at a residence/hotel

Advise on useful and inexpensive safety equipment to bring with you

Situation awareness and spotting hostile watchers

Self-defence and breakaway techniques

Tactical driving and parking

Negotiating Vehicle Checkpoints safely

Dealing with a Road Traffic Collision and Safe Casualty Extraction

Ballistic Awareness, demonstrating what is cover from Gunfire and cover from View

Surviving a Grenade attack or thrown Improvised Explosive Device

Surviving an Active shooter, Stabber or Suicide Attack 


Day 2


Dealing with official detention by government forces

Handling questioning and interrogation

Kidnap prevention and survival covering Release, Rescue and Escape

The courses involve classroom, PPT, videos, demonstrations, role-play and outdoor exercises.


Day 3

First Aid Training


During the third day we cover the following subjects:

Primary and Secondary Survey

Safe Airway Position

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Dealing with Stabbing, Gunshot Wounds and Blast Injuries

Bandaging and the use of haemostatic agents

Use of Tourniquets and Chest Seals

Improvised drags and carries of injured persons

The contents of a First Aid kit


Equipment and timings –

For the first two days we recommend you wear warm, waterproof clothing, woolen hat and gloves, which you do not mind lying on the ground in. Walking boots or any type of footwear with ankle support would be appropriate however training shoes are also ok. For the first aid day wear loose fitting clothes such as tracksuits. We will not be outside on this day.

Parade at our training rooms for 0845 where we will have tea and coffee. We will commence sharp at 0900. All other training equipment will be provided.

We will supply paper and pens for note taking.

We provide a handout containing other valuable information for overseas travel.

We can supply a copy of the PPT in notes form, however we expect that this will not be copied and used to train other staff at a later date. This has happened in the past and is a breach of contract. It has caused First Rock concern that we may be joined in liability should an incident occur as a result of that training. We do not authorise anyone to use our training materials to train others, in the form they are presented in, or in an adjusted manner.

We will be finished by around 5pm each day breaking for lunch at 1230 – 1300 for approximately 45 minutes.

Breaks –

We will have two tea breaks, one mid-morning and the other mid-afternoon, were tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. Lunch will be sandwiches, Panini’s or baked potatoes purchased from a nearby shop. We will also purchase water; juice or coke and the order will be placed each morning. If you have any specific dietary needs, please inform and we will cater for that.


The Course –

The first two mornings will be classroom-based then after lunch we will be going to an outdoor training area approximately 10 minutes drive away. We will have a room with a log stove for shelter in between exercises and there are also toilets. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

All the training is contained within a safe and controlled environment and delegates will neither be harmed, embarrassed or scared. We do however train the way we operate, so their will be a level of realism. No major fitness level is required, and delegates will not be required to run any great distance. Often the rumours relating to HEFAT courses are much worse than the reality. I wish to emphasise that this is a professional course, and everyone will learn from it and enjoy the experience. There is no need to feel concerned in advance or during the three days. This will become evident on the first day

We will be using blank rounds and pyrotechnic explosions to simulate ambushes. I mention this in advance so that delegates are aware and in case anyone has experienced trauma from gunshots or explosions in the past.

On the first aid day there will be some PPT pictures of wounds. These are not overly graphic, and delegates will be given advance notice of them being shown.

If you can inform of any physical or emotional injuries these will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Either by phoning myself, emailing or informing a member of your organization for onward transmission.


Payment – First Rock operates a policy of 50% deposit to book a place on the course. The remaining payment of 50% must be paid on the first day of course. Preferred payment is via BACs and an invoice will be emailed to the client.


1-day HET Course - £200

2-day HEAT Course - £300

3-day HEFAT Course - £400

1 day First Aid Course - £150


Accommodation: Should you require somewhere to stay we can recommend guesthouse and hotels in the locality.


For further information contact – Tim Mercer 07809689987


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