Statistical Information

  • CIA World Factbook

    This web-site contains a lot of good information about different countries including maps and statistics.
    Location: United States
  • Employment Conditions Abroad Ltd

    This UK company manage a 'cost of living' index for many countries and will, for a fee, supply you with details about any of the countries in its information.
    Location: London
  • NationMaster is a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD. Using the onsite form, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease.
    Location: Australia
  • Population Reference Bureau

    An interesting site with all the information and statistics you need about world, continent and individual country 'population'.
    Location: Washington D.C., United States
  • Statista

    Statista is an international statistics platform on the web. With data on over 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources, we offer an extremely broad spectrum of information.
    Location: London
  • UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

    An informative web-site which includes 'Statistics on International Development'.
  • US Census Bureau

    This web page allows you to obtain summary demographic data for one or more countries.
    Location: United States
  • Wholesome Words 'Worldwide Missions'

    This U.S. page entitled 'Great Commission and the Harvest Fields' has collated a number of interesting physical and religious statistics about the world.
    Location: United States