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  • Aetna Destination Guides for Expats

    Aetna International are an international health insurance company based in the US which provides health benefits to expats across the globe. They've also created a bunch of useful destination guides packed with information for soon-to-be expats.
  • CIA World Factbook

    This web-site contains a lot of good information about different countries including maps and statistics.
    Location: United States
  • Come Back Alive

    This unique site gives details about the world's most dangerous places and offers some information and advice for travellers.
  • European Information Network in the UK

    This web site brings together contact details for organisations and individuals in the UK and its regions that provide EU information and advice for the general public, the academic community and business. You will also find addresses for EU Institutions and Agencies that are based in the UK; MEPs; sectoral bodies with EU interests e.g. the TUC; and other sources supported by the European Commission.
    Location: London
  • Expat Network

    This website allows you to choose a country to find visa requirements, cuisine, culture, public holidays and lots of other useful information.
    Location: Plumpton Green, East Sussex
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office

    FCO have a comprehensive list of UK embassies overseas and foreign embassies in the UK.
  • GOV.UK

    The latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government. Includes info for those planning to live abroad: UK Passport Info & Application, UK Consulates & Embassies, Immunisations, Travel Health, and Country Travel Advice.
  • GROWup - Geographical Research On War, Unified Platform

    This service from ETH Zurich can keep you informed about current and future trends of any country's stability. This includes data about violence and conflict. Access is mostly free.
  • IHS Jane's 360

    This web-site has news and archive information on defense, security, terrorism and risk of countries of the world.
    Location: London
  • Kwintessential

    Kwintessential are a UK based Christian owned company who provide information and services to the international business community on cross-cultural issues and translation.
    Tel: 01460 279 900
    Location: Crewkerne, Somerset
  • OAG

    OAG has the largest list of flight schedules from around the world. The site also lists basic details of which passports are accepted and where a visa may also be required.
  • Population Reference Bureau

    An interesting site with all the information and statistics you need about world, continent and individual country 'population'.
    Location: Washington D.C., United States
  • ReliefWeb

    ReliefWeb is the world's premier electronic clearinghouse for those needing timely information on humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters - designed specifically to help the humanitarian community improve its response to emergencies.
  • Search Engine Colossus

    Search Engine Colossus is an International directory of search engines. It offers you links to search engines from 219 countries around the world! It also offers the facility to search the web in different languages.
  • SmarterTravel

    This web-site includes popular destination guides and many articles about global locations.
    Location: Boston, MA, United States
  • Travel Help

    This is a network of people ready to answer questions about the areas they live in or have travelled extensively in. Also information about accommodation and country filefacts.
  • TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor offers advice from travellers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world
  • US Library of Congress Country Studies

    This web-site contains comprehensive online guides of roughly 100 countries.
    Location: Washington, DC, United States
  • World Travel Guide

    World Travel Guide offers destination guides, features, travel deals, events and more.
  • World Travel Server

    This worldwide tourism portal includes information about every country pulled from various sources, with a very user friendly interface.