Christian Holiday Services & Sources UK

Christian Holiday Directories for the UK

  • Christian Residential Network

    Christian Residential Network is the membership association of Christian residential venues across the UK
    Tel: 01908 477951
    Location: Milton Keynes, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE
  • MissionAssist

    MissionAssist comprises a huge network of dedicated volunteers, throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere, helping overseas mission workers advance the gospel and make scripture accessible wherever they are in the world.
    Location: Evesham, Worcestershire
  • Windrush Trading Limited

    Windrush Holidays are a holiday accommodation provider with services ranging from holiday accommodation to rent, to beautiful holiday homes for sale. We are a friendly, family-run company with many years experience in the holiday property market.
    Location: Bracklesham, West Sussex
  • Christian Endeavour Holiday Centres

    With locations in Norfolk and North Wales, Christian Endeavour Holiday Centres are places for you to relax the body, replenish the mind, and rejuvenate the soul.
    Tel: 01492 593 405
    Location: Conway, North Wales
  • Christian Holidays

    Includes Christian accommodation and leisure facilities in the UK and abroad.
    Tel: 07719995314
    Location: Whitland, Carmarthenshire
  • Christian House and Church Swap

    A UK based holiday organisation which has been running since 2003. There are over 200 registered members throughout the UK, and an increasing the number in Europe and further afield.
  • Christian House Sitters

    Christian House Sitters is an internet based service for Christians who want to take a holiday and need someone to look after their home and or pets, and Christians who need a break. 
    Location: Seavington St Michael, Somerset
  • HolyHols

    We connect Christians with holiday properties to Christians who are looking for somewhere to stay. HolyHols is a not-for-profit joint venture.
    Tel: 01274 674565