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MissionAssist volunteers have a heart for mission but are unable to go overseas themselves at this time. So, working from their own homes in the UK and elsewhere, they are using their skills and talents to help those who are in the mission field. They freely give their time to do work such as keyboarding, audio typing, admin and IT, researching, graphics and design, translating, and hospitality. If you have need of these skills, or if you could offer these or other skills to support mission work, then MissionAssist would love to hear from you.

Latest Opportunities:

Opportunity Details

Work from Home
Finance: Voluntary
Duration: Open‑ended / Permanent
Activity: Language & Translation
Posted: 16 Sep 2021
Closes: Open-ended


Native speakers with translation experience and an understanding of linguistics are needed for Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. This is a voluntary role working from home.

Opportunity Details

Location: United Kingdom
Work from Home
Finance: Voluntary
Duration: Open‑ended / Permanent
Activity: Leadership & Management, Support Ministries
Posted: 2 Sep 2021
Closes: Open-ended

Director of Partnerships

Seek new opportunities for collaboration; develop new and existing relationships with other mission organisations; bring relevant experience to the MissionAssist Leadership Team.


  • Volunteer with MissionAssist

    Whatever the skills and gifts you have, MissionAssist provides numerous opportunities for you to support the Lord's work around the world, without leaving your own home.
  • EasyEnglish

    EasyEnglish is clear and plain English that is easy to read.  EasyEnglish is good for people whose first language is not English.  EasyEnglish is also good for people with learning difficulties.

    The EasyEnglish Bible is freely available on the internet and in the YouVersion Bible App for mobile phones.  The EasyEnglish Bible and other resources can be used by organisations who help to take the Good News to people all over the world.
  • World Bibles

    A huge index that lists over 17,000 Bibles in 4000 plus languages. It has direct links to sites where you can get Bibles on-line, audio Bibles, video Bibles, braille, printed Bibles and free download. Excellent for cross-cultural outreach, and for friends who speak other languages.
    Location: Evesham, Worcestershire
  • Shell Books for Functional Literacy

    Shell books are resources for adult literacy covering a range of subjects from health and hygiene to crafts, farming and practical issues like simple construction techniques. Booklets are provided as Microsoft Word files that can be downloaded free of charge to be printed locally. Each booklet is available in a choice of English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or EasyEnglish. Anyone is allowed to make changes to the pictures or the words, including a complete translation into another language.
    Listed in: Language Resources