Passports & Visas

This page contains information on passports & visas for foreign travel, particularly for UK citizens.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO)

Obtaining or renewing a passport is now usually done online via and takes roughly 6 weeks for new passports or 3 weeks for renewals. You can still apply by post using an application form from your local post office. If you need it quicker, they can offer their 'fast-track' service (only for renewals). For urgent renewal, their 'premium' service is a guaranteed same-day service. Some post offices and other third party agents (e.g. travel agents) can usually obtain or renew your passport in two weeks for a small handling fee.
You can renew a passport up to 9 months in advance and have the remaining time added to your new passport. If you're going short-term, make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your planned return. It's a good idea to scan your passport and have an electronic copy you can access whilst you're away if you need to (store it online somewhere or email it to yourself).
For comprehensive information on UK passports, including costs for the different services, visit the  website or telephone.
Tel: 0300 222 0000

How to find out about visa requirements

If you have a question about visa requirements, see You might also check the websites listed at the bottom of this page. You should also contact the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are planning to visit (the number can be found at the above website). In addition, certain travel agents may be able to assist you. Find these here.

Obtaining a visa

Some countries will issue visas when you arrive in the country. For others it is necessary to obtain a visa before you travel. This may require a visit to their embassy or consulate in the UK. You must make sure you have all the documents required for application before you go (to avoid the frustration that many have been through before!). Alternatively, there are some commercial companies who can obtain your visa for you or certain travel agents may be able to obtain your visa for you. For more information on these see here.

Visas for passport holders who are not British citizens

Your national status is noted on the personal data page of your passport. If this is any of the following, you may need a visa that is not required by British citizens.

British Dependent Territories Citizen
British Overseas Citizen
British Subject
British Nationals Overseas
British Protected Person

Again, visa information for these groups can be obtained from the above sources.

N.B. Some countries will not allow you to apply for a work visa until you are in the country. Entry, therefore, is by tourist/visitors visa and this is transferred after you arrive. Take plenty of passport sized photos with you as some countries require frequent and multi-copy visa and work permit applications.

Visas for foreign nationals coming to the UK

Information for those coming to work or live in the UK from overseas can be found at

Other websites with visa information:
(it is always worth double checking with the embassy of your destination country any of this info you find online, it is not always accurate or up-to-date)

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