Non-UK Networks and Links

If you are looking for other mission organisations with no representation in the UK these links to other world mission networks and global 'lists' of mission organisations should assist you in your search.

  • Alliance for Vulnerable Mission

    The AVM (Alliance for Vulnerable Mission) seeks to encourage wider use of mission and development strategies that depend on locally available resources and local languages.
  • ChinaSource

    ChinaSource is a trusted partner and platform for educating the global church on critical issues facing the church and ministries in China, and for connecting Christians inside and outside China to advance the kingdom of God globally.
    Location: Littleton, CO, United States
  • Daybreak Academy Mauritius

    Daybreak serves as a tool (organisation) for the Love & Unity within the Global Body of Christ by developing Member care & Communication and by facilitating partnerships among Christians, churches and organisations.
    Tel: +230 59467517
    Location: Beau-Bassin, Mauritius
  • DCBA

    A non-profit association of business persons and professionals working together to help and support each other for the enriching the society and the community with true values based on the compassion and giving as found in the faith book.
    Tel: +971 50 625 7593
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Frontier Ventures

    Frontier Ventures is an apostolic community, a protestant religious order, committed to a common life and vision. We are a community of dreamers and doers who deeply desire to see Jesus worshipped among peoples with least access to the Gospel.
    Tel: +1 626-797-1200
    Location: Pasadena, CA, United States
  • International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA)

    IAMA aims to be the single place where people go for reliable information in the world of international mission aviation. It is specifically our purpose to encourage our members in their role in mission aviation by providing networking opportunities, facilitating the preparation of individuals for mission aviation service, and promoting the welfare of members.
    Location: Waxhaw, NC, United States
  • Irish Mission Agencies Partnership (iMap)

    iMap - Irish Mission Agencies Partnership was set up in 2007 as an initiative joining together Irish mission agencies and the Irish Church to develop their desire to see the Gospel advanced in Ireland and abroad.
    Location: Limerick, Ireland
  • Japanese Christian Resources

    A list of links to Japanese resources for mission and ministry.
    Location: Japan
  • Korean Christian Resources

    A website with some useful links related to Korean and Christianity.
    Location: Korea, Republic of
  • Linking Network Voices

    Linking Global Voices serves the global missions community by focusing on the unique role of networks.
    Networks are a strategic tool for ministry leaders navigating the complexities of the globalized world of missions. Mission minded churches and agencies are developing their “network engagement strategy”. Healthy networks facilitate the sharing of resources and are constantly birthing partnerships.
  • Ministry Blue

    Ministryblue aims at getting free, cheap or innovative resources for Churches, not for profits, missions, school and similar groups in Australia.
    Location: Australia
  • Missio Nexus

    We are an association of Great Commission churches and organizations in North America that focuses on the global Great Commission.
    Tel: 770.457.6677
    Location: Wheaton, Illinois, United States
  • Mission Finder

    A US based service offering assistance for finding worldwide mission projects: Vocational, medical, short term, orphanages. Classified lists of sending agencies, mission resources, travel tips, insurance, and more.
    Location: La Jolla, CA, United States
  • Missional International Church Network

    International churches are those churches around the world that primarily serve people of various nationalities (expatriates) and church backgrounds living outside their passport (home) countries. Many, but not all, of these congregations are English-speaking and focus on ministry to other English-speaking foreigners living in that host country. MICN seeks to faciliate a worldwide movement of missional international churches.
    Location: Grantham, PA, United States
  • MissionNext

    This US based ministry is a movement to provide information, challenge, and pathways for people to join God in His passion for His glory among the nations.
    Tel: 1 (352) 399-5057
    Location: The Villages, Florida, United States
  • Missions Interlink, Australia

    Directory of nearly 80 mission agencies in the formerly named Evangelical Missionary Alliance, NSW, Australia. Mission opportunities and events are also displayed through their website.
    Location: Pinewood, VIC, Australia
  • Missions Jumpstart

    An amazing collection of other mission and Christian websites listing resources. Includes sites of resources in French, Swahili, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Nepali, Hindi, Telugu, Czech and Slovak and Filipino.
  • Uganda Networks

    Uganda Networks is a networking and information sharing website for all who are involved in sustainable development and Christian ministry in Uganda.
    Location: Salisbury, Wilts
  • World Council of Churches

    The World Council of Churches (WCC) is an international fellowship of Christian churches, built upon the foundation of encounter, dialogue and collaboration. Their website includes many links to churches and mission organisations around the world.
  • World Evangelical Alliance

    The World Evangelical Alliance is a platform for the global church to interact together and mobilize resources for discipling the nations for Jesus Christ.
    Tel: +[1] 212-233-3046
    Location: New York, United States