Losing Important Documents

  • Lost passports:

Contact the nearest police station and get a police report

Visit the nearest British Consulate or Embassy (see www.embassyworld.orgor www.fco.gov.uk)

You'll need two recent passport photos, the police report, some proof of identity and money for the fee

  • Lost plane tickets:

Contact the airline concerned (or tour operator if you're part of a group booking) as soon as possible. You may need a police report

You may have to pay for a ticket and claim the money later

If any insurance claim is to be made, notify the insurance company as soon as possible and keep all documentation and receipts

  • Lost Credit Cards/Travellers Cheques:

Notify the police as soon as possible

Contact the 'lost or stolen' number given by the provider of the card/cheques

Further help on what to do can be found at www.fco.gov.uk