Personal Account Instructions

You can now register for your own personal account on the OSCAR website! This initially enables you to subscribe to and manage any of your mailing list subscriptions plus receive Saved Search notifications about new opportunity listings. 

If you want to manage your organisation's or church's information through your account, get in touch with us after you register and we will sort that for you. 

To Register

Click on the 'Login/Register' button on the top right of any OSCAR web page and fill in the 'Register a new account' form.

Please read our Privacy Policy before you submit your form to understand how we will use your information.

Detailed Instructions for Personal Account Holders

1/ To login

- Go to (or click on the 'Login' link at the top right of any OSCAR web page)
- Enter your email address and password to log in

2/ To adjust any of your login/personal information

- Click on 'My Information' on the left menu or ‘Edit Information to change your name or login email address. You can also ‘Change Password’ here. Click ‘Save Information’.

3/ To adjust any of your job/opportunity Saved Searches

- Once you have an account, you can save any of searches in the jobs/opportunity section. These are stored in your account under Saved Searches on the left menu. You can then adjust these or delete them, as well as set up daily or weekly email notifications of any new listings that meet your saved search criteria. 

4/ To adjust your Mailing List subscriptions

 - Click on Mailing Lists on the left menu to subscribe or unsubscribe to OSCAR's various regular email newsletters.


There's no need to logout, as you can stay logged in all the time you use the website. Should you wish to logout, there is a button on the top right of every page to do so.