Help Navigating OSCAR

Can't find what you need?

For an explanation of the site layout and each of the common page elements, see Using OSCAR.

Whilst we make every attempt to make the OSCAR site easy to use and navigate it may be that you can't find what you are looking for. The following suggestions may help:

First Suggestion:

Use the navigation menu on the top or left hand side to find relevant information on the topic you want. These are arranged in subheaded sections and are very easy to use. Each link that you click will open a new drop down menu and change the page. You can keep clicking down until the end of the menu tree. Some sections overlap slightly in their content so you may need to try a few different sections before moving to the next suggestion. The 'Related links' menu can also help you jump to other sections where the content is similar.

Second Suggestion:

Use the search box at the top of any OSCAR page, or the Home page to search OSCAR, with the name of the organisation or keyword you are looking for.

Third Suggestion:

If you have tried the suggestions above but without success you can contact us directly. We will try to get the information you require and then add it to the OSCAR site for others to use. Whilst we will do our best to help you, due to current limited resources we can make no guarantee that we will be able to respond individually. Thank you for your understanding.