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A sure way to improve the search engine profile of a web page is to provide links into it from other sites. That raises its importance with Google. Your basic organisation listing, Profile Page and all of your job listings on OSCAR link to your website, thus increasing their profile, as well as your own website's profile, with Google. 

Another way is to add a link from your website's job vacancies page to your listings on OSCAR. Just use OSCAR’s filtered search to show only your listings and copy the URL at the top. Then put something like ‘See our job listings on OSCAR’ with the word OSCAR hyperlinked to the filtered URL. 

You could even go one step further and link to each vacancy listed on your website to the corresponding vacancy on the OSCAR website. That would really raise the visibility of those pages on both sites. 

Let us know if and when you try this and we will check that it all works properly.

If you want a general URL, you can link back to any of the following:

You can use any of the following phrases (or devise your own) with our logo, depending on what's appropriate for you:

To search for Christian jobs and mission opportunities, go to OSCAR

We partner with OSCAR

For other mission opportunities, information, advice and resources, we recommend OSCAR

Find what you need for mission at OSCAR

Our jobs/opportunities are listed on OSCAR

We are listed on OSCAR

See us on OSCAR

We are providing the following logos/graphics for you to insert into your web page. Just cut and paste the graphic (or the code behind the graphic by using 'right click' then 'inspect').














If you’d like us to customise the link specifically for you and send you the code, then please just ask.

Let us know when you've linked to us and we will check that it all works properly. Thank you.

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Writing a review for OSCAR really helps our visibility online and, if you advertise with us or are listed on our website, it will also help yours!

If you could write a brief paragraph, just a few lines, about how our service has helped you, then post it in one or more of the following places, that would be wonderful: