OSCAR's Advertising Packages

We have 3 packages that combine some of the extra services that we offer Christian agencies, service/support organisations and churches. Go here for the Package Subscription Form. If you are registering a church for a basic listing, you can also use the Church Subscribe page and form.

Job searchingYour own account

With each of the following packages, you get your own account and can update your own on the OSCAR website. This means that your details can be accessed and changed by you whenever and as often as you like, giving you complete control of your content on the OSCAR website.

If you would like take out a subscription to one of these packages, please click below:

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Bronze Package (FREE with PAYG Job/Opportunity Listings)

Basic Listing

You will be able to add/update your Org/Church listing in our online Organisations directory through your account. This includes your organisation name, a brief summary about you and your contact details. With many enquirers and overseas workers coming through OSCAR, it is important to keep the information in your basic listing on the OSCAR website up-to-date. Alternatively, you can update your info by email to info@oscar.org.uk or by using the online form at www.oscar.org.uk/suggest .

Thanks, we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received. We sent out 80 packs, received 29 applications.  DW, July 2020

I spent last year scrutinising whether or not Oscar is giving us the return on investment in terms of people mobilised to the field, and we’ve got 4 people in-process right now who initially found us on Oscar. So, thank you very much! I really like the analytics feature, by the way. Very helpful!  Amanda, Pioneers, Dec 2020

Individual jobs/opportunities can be submitted directly through your account and are charged at the 'Pay-As-You-Go' rate:

Nature of Job/Opportunity Listing * Cost
Salary/Allowance £60
Personal Support £40
Voluntary £20

Resource and Event listings can also be added through your account free-of-charge.


Silver Package (£50 with PAYG Job/Opportunity Listings)

In addition to Bronze package benefits, you also get ...

Enhanced Listing

Any listings you have in our directories will be enhanced, which means highlighted with a larger title. At the end of your summary text we also provide a 'more' link through to your Profile page (see below).

Profile Page

This is a page hosted within the OSCAR website which provides you with a dedicated page for your organisation or church. Here you can include as much text as you like to inform visitors about your work, all searchable via OSCAR's search engine. There is also a direct link to your Profile Page from your basic listing (which also gets highlighted).

With OSCAR's high search engine ranking, having a Profile Page is a significant way through which you can raise your own organisation's online profile and website ranking. This is a page purely for your organisation but optimised by us for the search engines. Many of the Profile Pages have achieved top 10 placings over the years with search engines*.

This Profile Page will include:

  • Organisation/church name
  • Organisation/church details (determined by you, as much or as little as you want)
  • Logo and/or text links to your website
  • Contact details
  • A list of your job opportunities hosted with OSCAR
  • A list of any current event listings (open to the public) you have submitted
  • A list of any resources you have submitted for our resource directory

* We cannot guarantee any particular placing with search returns as these are determined by the search engines and change frequently


Gold Package (All inclusive, see fees table below)

In addition to Silver package benefits, you also get ...

Included Job Opportunities

This package provides all that the Bronze and Silver packages offer PLUS the facility for you to add as many job opportunity listings during the year as you want up to a maximum of 200 at any one time. These can include short term, medium term (gap year) and long term overseas opportunities as well as UK based jobs with your organisation or church. A list of all of your current opportunity listings will appear on your Profile Page. Opportunity listings will need to be updated every 3 months (90 days) but with this package there is no charge for doing this and you can do it yourself through your account whenever you like.

We can also offer Gold members 50% off the first job card booked for our jobs board at events and exhibitions (see www.oscar.org.uk/exhibitions for details).

Charges for this package are by a tiered fee scale, dependent on the size (income) of your organisation.


Gold Package Fees

Based on TOTAL organisation annual income:

Org Income No of Students
(For schools)
Annual Gold Package
Fee 2021
Less than £50,000 Under 25 £90
£50,000 - £100,000 25-50 £120
£100,000 - £250,000 50-100 £160
£250,000 - £500,000 100-250 £240
£500,000 - £1M 250-500 £320
£1M - £2M 500-1000 £490
£2M -£5M 1000+ £610
Over £5M - £750

* Fees are by calendar year

** From Jul 1st we can offer the Gold package for the rest of the year at 50% of the annual fee, and from Sep 1st we can offer the Gold package for the rest of the year at 33% of the annual fee.

Early Bird Offer: Book a Gold package before 31st Dec of the previous year and get it at the previous year's price!

Other benefits

As well as all the benefits outlined at Advertise with Us and above, we also offer the following:

  • Promoting your resources: We now have the facility where you can add and update any resources your organisation has listed in OSCAR's Resource directory. These also get highlighted and featured (put at the top of the list) when you are on either our Silver or Gold packages.
  • Publicising your events: Gold and Silver members can have all of their open events advertised on OSCAR. These not only go on the main OSCAR website events list, but upcoming event details are also emailed to over 2000 individual subscribers in our email lists. 
  • Retweeting your Tweets: If you have a Twitter account, we are happy to retweet any of your information tweets to our 2000+ followers. We try to include tweets about opportunities or events, as well as any news that you would like to 'get out there'. Just ask us to follow you and we will do our best to promote them. You can always remind us by sending a direct message through Twitter too.


If you would like take out a subscription to one of these packages, please click below:

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