Comments about OSCAR

What are people saying about OSCAR?

'We have been pleased with the level of response to the advert and hope to make an appointment soon.'

'Appreciate your website very much; thanks for the ways you (and OSCAR) are helping us all.'

'I can only thank you for the work that you do at Oscar and for your own incredible contribution to so many who are actively involved in international missions.' DE, SE Asia

'The position was filled as a result of our ad with you.' GL

'So glad that your services are being used and appreciated by many including myself.' CL

‘The time at OSCAR was very informative and helpful. As we've both moved from other countries to the UK, the models and thinking around adapting in another culture is what we have experienced first-hand. It has been very helpful to see and discuss more structured tools and also to put into context what we have experienced before and what we're now gearing up for as well. So thank you for organising this for us!’

'I am prompted to write to let you know that we successfully filled our latest UK-based role and the successful candidate applied having seen the role on OSCAR. Advertising a part-time finance management job as a hybrid role working from home and also the office was a hard ask. So thanks!' Sarah Hay, HR and Member Care Manager, European Christian Mission Britain

'We had a very encouraging number of applications for the position which we advertised - many of them coming via OSCAR - so we are very pleased with the service provided: much appreciated.' SG.

'Thank you so much for your unbelievably efficient service and slick website – really appreciate it!' JM, a UK based Christian charity

'Thanks so much for all you do through the Oscar website, its been very helpful to us at different times and in different ways, and we always try to point people in your direction when we can.' Katie, missionary

'OSCAR is by far our best online source of new enquirers seeking to go into mission'  Mark Cook, Mission Mentor & Partnership Development Manager, Pioneers UK

'We have had a huge response from the Oscar ads. - around 76 replies including for the artist, art critique and researcher and sales and marketing work. It has been remarkable. There is a lot of talent out there, especially among young people. I am still answering ads to this day.  So a big thank you to you!' Carole Leah, Diamond Books

'So we would like to renew our account with you. I will advise our accounts team to sort out payment with you. This has been such a blessing to us, with numerous booking requests coming from all over the world, from Korea to Liberia and beyond.' UK based missionary guest house.

'I used to work for tastelife and it was your job advert at New Wine several years ago that took me there, that role and the experience I gained brought me here and I’m now moving full time to Coventry Diocese. It’s amazing what God brings from a postcard.’ Debbie Niblett, Administrator, Reconciliation Initiatives

'We have found 2 people to work with through Oscar both Christians and work well with us’ Small international mission org.

‘I have already had loads of replies about the artist need - one within an hour of you posting it! Amazing!’ Carole Leah, Diamond Books.

'OSCAR UK has always been one of the best sites we've used to advertise posts. They allow us to edit our advertisement easily. They have good visibility so we always receive high quality candidates. Oscar provide very competitive cost packages and have been very quick to respond to any questions we have. I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again.' Vicky Cannings, International Community Church, Surrey.

'We so appreciate having so many resources to refer to but also to pass onto our mission partners as they go through different stages of their ministry/family life, etc.' UK based mission org

'Oscar is often the source for those who are enquiring to work within our context' UK based mission org

'We really appreciate being able to point our cross cultural workers to the information you provide ~ and they appreciate the advice they receive. As a small organisation, just two part time employees it is really helpful. Thank you.' 

'Easy renewal process, helpful email communication and easy site to use' PS, International School

'Your talk was very engaging and inspirational.' RG, UK Christian School

'I just wanted to let you know that I have been on one of our school/project calls today and heard your name. This is a meeting where we hear from schools that we partner with or run in order to know more about them and to be able to recruit more actively. The man who is now Principal at one of our family schools ... came to TeachBeyond through Oscar. It was great to hear that God guided him as he was praying and looking for opportunities, and he came to OSCAR. Thank you for all that you do in this regard and many other ways too.' Liz Hosker, UK Mobilisation & People Services

‘I am delighted to confirm that we have, thanks to you!, found a candidate for the role and are on the verge of making a job offer. Thank you so much for helping us and an outlay of £60 was definitely a bargain.’ Beverley Taylor-Doe, Trinity Wealth Management Ltd.

'I came across OSCAR a few years back at David's Tent. It has been a valuable resource for finance in missions and has led me to the role I currently have with Transform Europe Network.' Lucy Reid

‘We have had 5 responses for the photographer we need for Diamond Books and have just commissioned one to work with us. So thank you again for your brilliant Oscar website.’ Carole Leah, Diamond Books

'By the way, can I just say you are the easiest advertiser to work with! Thank you. I am delighted to be working with OSCAR as you always respond quickly and willing to help in anyway you can. Adverts are always online quickly and dont have to wait weeks for it to be live either in print or online.The prices are reasonable too. We have now recruited for 3 different posts. 2 had a very quick and successful response. The latest seems to be dragging rather, but I am sure the Lord will provide in His timing.'  Liz form HT Eastbourne

'I have been exploring your website, it is so rich! Thanks to much for all you are doing to help serve global workers around the world!' LA

'We did receive more applications in general after posting with you. It was very helpful.' CH

'We now have our two extra Trustees, which is great - thanks for your help with this!' BB

'Oscar’s Gold package works really well for us at Rock UK. It is good value for money, offering unlimited advertising throughout the year and the site is easy to navigate. The closing date reminders are a helpful prompt, allowing me the opportunity to extend or edit job adverts where necessary. We are especially appreciative of the support that the staff team at Oscar have given us during the pandemic when our organisation was closed for many months.' Rachel Duggan, HR Manager, Rock UK

'Being able to afford therapy because of Oscar's help has really helped me to process the emotional upheaval of leaving home, going to Uni and realising how much past trauma still affects me.' (From someone who was in recipient of OSCAR's Funding for TCK Counselling)

'We could hardly exist without Oscar as probably about 50% of those who approach us have heard of us because of Oscar! Thank you!' Owen Davies, Shunem Trust

'WEC has benefitted from many years of partnering with OSCAR to advertise both long-term and short-term mission opportunities around the world. On their website and on their exhibition stand OSCAR offer a wide range of advice and help to enable Christians from all career backgrounds and experience who are interested in cross-cultural ministry to find suitable placements and to be well prepared for the challenges. They help WEC and other agencies to advertise opportunities more widely than we are able on our own platforms, and they also provide helpful guidance and support throughout a missionary’s career and on into retirement.'  Chrissie Brown, Mobilisation UK & Ireland, WEC International

'Thank you for advertising the above for us, we have been overwhelmed by the response. Most came through OSCAR, we did use xxxx and xxxx, but more responses from OSCAR. Thank you very much, we will use you again if needed.' Graham Bright, Asst Pastor, Bible Hall Fellowship

'It’s a pleasure to work with you and have you as a part of our sessions. You have wonderful materials and presentation style.’ Hilda Fyock, Learning and Development Manager, Mission Aviation Fellowship

'Can't rate OSCAR highly enough. Fantastic networking opportunities and great, supportive service for Christian mission opportunities.' William Bradridge, Director of Studies, Christian TEFL.

'OSCAR's passion for missionaries at home and abroad is evident from the moment you interact with them. They have been actively involved in supporting Mercy Ships crew pre-serving onboard by providing comprehensive and excellent training on transition. culture adjustments and how to manage stress while serving abroad. If you need someone professional, with passion for those in your care, then engage with OSCAR because you will not be let down. A huge thank you from Mercy Ships and we look forward to continuing working with you in the future.' Hannah Mulvihill, Crew Support Coordinator, Mercy Ships UK

'Oscar UK has done a fantastic job of letting people know about mission trip opportunities from a European and broader perspective. We constantly refer people to from Gap Year opportunities and longer term mission options are also well covered. Thank you Mike for all the resources and information your site provides, and for your thoughtful interaction over the years!' David Armstrong, Director of Agency Services, Mission Data International and

'I regularly advertise ECM Britain's mission opportunities on OSCAR. OSCAR provides a great service to Christian organisations at a very reasonable price. It also provides a wealth of information and advice to individuals who are serving in Christian professions or considering mission. I regularly refer people to OSCAR for opportunities and information. A big thanks to the team at OSCAR for all that they do.' Rachel Gurney, HR Assistant, European Christian Mission Britain

'I'm so pleased with your service and will be back again in future.' Phil Cranch, Menadue Management Trust

'Oscar was the cheapest site, and one of the easiest to engage with, with fast communication, and no long forms.' Charlotte, AWM-Pioneers

‘You’ll be pleased to know that I spent last year scrutinising whether or not Oscar is giving us the return on investment in terms of people mobilised to the field, and we’ve got 4 people in-process right now who initially found us on Oscar. So, thank you very much!’ I really like the analytics feature, by the way. Very helpful!' Amanda, Pioneers

‘Of the websites we advertised on (other than Facebook) it was easily the highest draw of people for us, so thanks for all the work you're doing!’ Dan Feeny, Operations Assistant, Green Pastures

"You don’t know me, but I often thank God for you!! OSCAR is such an amazing resource that I used many times especially while a missionary in Burundi."

"Thanks, we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received. We sent out 80 packs, received 29 applications." DW 

"Thank you for kindly hosting our job advert for the Local Outreach Worker on your website. I am excited to announce that we have appointed a person for this role, so please would you be able to remove the advert now. Thank you for your assistance, we will definitely be in touch for future Jobs we need to advertise. We were very pleased with the responses we received through your advertising channel." AB

"I am so grateful to the Oscar network through which I found MFA, and also to the MFA trustees in U.K. for the opportunity to serve in this wonderful cause. Mike Frith, well done and a big shout out to you for your and your staffs committed devotion to this site. Thank you." Darren Fraser

"I had been volunteering at Lee Abbey in Devon as a Personnel Administrator and I was nearing the end of my contract. It was through OSCAR, I heard about the new position of Administrative Assistant at TEN. I really felt at that point that God was calling me to support Christian ministry in Europe. Thank you for helping me hear about TEN and the opportunity to work for them. I am so grateful." Naomi Greenwood, Transform Europe Network

'Just thought I’d drop you a quick email to say that we have found a mission rep (mobiliser) for Northern Ireland (and RoI) through advertising with OSCAR online. The adverts work!' Glenn Tainio, ReachAcross UK

'You all have produced a resource which helps us doing Christian work across the globe appreciate what each others' needs are. I have often felt isolated by the work we do in (removed for security reasons), but seeing the nature of requests from others linked through OSCAR, I am heartened to know that our human resource requirements are not-so-unique after all, and that there will be individuals across the globe able to fill such positions.' J.C. 

'Just to say that your website has been incredibly useful in advertising our cottage.  We have had a succession of missionaries going through it over the last few years.  It has been a blessing to us having missionaries in the property, and I trust a blessing to them as well.'  AH. 

'New volunteers are asked how they found out about the opportunity and two people per year say OSCAR. (For the last four years, 2016-2019 inclusive.)' Sarah J McQuay, Director of Services, MissionAssist

'We have had several enquiries for short-term and long-term mission with WEC this year coming through your website, so thank you for your partnership.'  Chrissie Brown, Mobilisation UK & Ireland, WEC International

"Thank you so much for your personal response Mike, and so promptly!! You have no idea how you've lifted my spirits today. Thank you!!"  Darren, Zambia

"Personally I have found OSCAR one of the easiest sites to advertise on, especially with your Gold service, making it a cost-effective way to promote the available jobs."  Vicky Cannings, Office & Financial Administrator, International Community Church Foundation Ltd

"We received a few very good applications via OSCAR, so thank you very much"  Patti Tobin, Office Manager, All We Can

"We really value having OSCAR as our recruitment partner and you have always served us well"  Simon Walker, Administrator, Flame International

"We were contacted by one new agency last year and decided to ignore it as we were of the opinion that OSCAR offers a better service, a better reach and lower costs. We appreciate the service that OSCAR provides and are delighted to be one of its members." Rachel Gurney, HR Assistant, European Christian Mission Britain.

"Thank you for your amazing service and support you provide us." Michael Harrison, Managing Director, Mission and Relief Logistics Ltd

"I saw you at David's tent last year and spotted a card on your boards for Hope UK to be trained as a Drug Educator. I contacted them and following 5 months of training, I have joined the organisation doing just that! So thank you again as I had not heard of HopeUK until I scanned the 'Oscar' boards!" Stephen Jennings

"Frequent attenders at New Wine, we always looked as Oscars mission board, just in case there was a place for us amongst those who are serving some of the poorest people on earth!  But we knew well that the time wasn’t right. But now it is." 

"I have had 3 enquiries so far. So, thank you." PA

"We have met some brilliant people over the last few years, all of whom have come through the OSCAR site.  We will certainly not be stopping." AH

"Your mission is so unique and so needed in today’s world."

"Our story is that we felt God would give us direction at David's Tent last year. We didn't spot your stand until the Sunday afternoon! We rang as soon as we got home and arranged to visit Quiet Waters mid September and absolutely felt it was where God was placing us. We had several obstacles to overcome with leaving our teaching jobs, but God opened all the doors and we were offered the positions here. We left our house in Shropshire and moved here in January. Our lives have radically changed since then and we are loving our jobs, being team members at the retreat. We meet new people all the time and enjoy being part of the team. God has faithfully placed us in a local church and provided for our kids (grown up) needs. We are truly blessed! Thank you again"  Vanessa and Jonathan Griffiths, Quiet Waters Christian Retreat House 

''We used OSCAR for recruitment of a PA for myself in 2017, and were delighted to find a highly qualified, ex missions, newly graduating MA student, looking for exactly this role. We are so grateful for the network that OSCAR has, and advertise all our vacancies there. We have had previous success for board members/Treasurer, recruited via job card at New Wine! Thanks for all you do for us!'' Ann-Marie Wilson, Founder/Executive Director, 28 Too Many

"We have tried various recruitment platforms before but recently decided, with some caution,  to give OSCAR a go.  The service was friendly and efficient.  Within 24 hours the advert was online and we had our first enquiry.  Little did we know that our initial enquiry would also be the person we appointed.  The advert also brought in additional enquiries and pound for pound proved to be the most effective advertising option we used.  Initially I was sceptical of the low fee and was uncertain whether the advert would have a wide enough reach.  Having advertised once I would now not hesitate to use the service again, in fact we will be using it for all of our future recruitment.  Mike and the team have done a fantastic job, thank you." Paul Bennett, Director, Youth for Christ Gloucestershire.

"Top notch customer service and a BIG reach throughout UK. If you need staff overseas but don't have the budget to fly to UK, OSCAR is the way to go. Academics In Asia hires 50+ teachers per year and our recruiting budget keeps us from being on the ground in UK. Thank you Mike for your service to the Kingdom." Aaron Vorbau, Faculty Recruiter, Academics in Asia

A few comments about our new website:

'Just wanted to say well done and thanks too for improving the useability of the OSCAR website regarding updating opportunities – much better thank you!'

'I've been praising how much simpler your site is, with just one form for all categories: short-term/long-term UK/overseas voluntary/salary etc. Thank you for leading the way in simplicity! It is much less work for us.'

'Just an fyi that your new site appearance looks great. Thanks for making it so easy for individuals to update and post new opportunities.'

'Just wanted to say, the new Website looks very good! - Very professional, and easy to navigate. I think your front page with ap and opportunities on really works.'

'The new website looks great. Lovely look and feel about it. Good job!'

'Very easy to navigate and nicely visual with the different icons - well done'

'In looking at Oscar I cannot believe the resources available to people now! We have had nothing like this for the last 25 years we've been out here... what a great resource!'


"I appreciate your great services - they really help to match project needs to the people who can help!" Carole Leah, Diamond Books.

"I was previously employed as a Business Manager in several schools for last 13 years...knew God was calling me to something 'new' but had no idea what that looked like...catalyst was doing Compassion UK Kilimanjaro Challenge a year ago...subsequently kept an eye open, occasionally dipping into OSCAR and Third Sector websites, but not really actively pursuing as I enjoyed my job...then one day saw this job advertised on OSCAR and it literally 'jumped out' at me and I sensed God nudging me to pursue...kept pushing the doors and here I am!" Rachel Lambert, UFM Worldwide

"The advert did get lots of views for which we are very grateful. ... we were very pleased with how it got such good coverage - resulting in lots of applications." Rachel Phipps, HR Manager, MAF-UK

"We had a number of good applications. We'll definitely be using OSCAR again" Anja Lyon, Planting & Charity Services Administrator, Co-Mission

"Delighted that we were able to appoint someone whose initial interest was a direct the result of the card on your board - thank you! Would certainly bear OSCAR in mind for future recruitment needs." Bob Chambers, Chief Executive, Feba Radio

"I am very pleased to say that we have appointed a person who came through our advert with OSCAR at Big Church Day Out! I think we had 3 applicants which came from BCDO and we interviewed 2 of them. For us it worked really well, we were exhibiting there as well and so you kindly directed those interested to us and we could then give them more information about the role. All in all I was really pleased." Kim Parkinson, Personnel Services Officer, Feba Radio

"With the help of OSCAR, I was able to apply for a volunteering role as Prayer Coordinator for Refreshment UK, this role than lead to another paid role within the same charity and I am very happy with my work. When I first typed into Google 'Christian Jobs', OSCAR's website was advertised at the top of the list and made job searching very easy to do. The website is very clear and helps you understand what type of mission you would like to get involved in, for example in the UK or oversees. I would like to thank OSCAR for helping me to be involved in mission work and leading me into this current paid role." Chloe Fountayne, Resources and Training Leader, Refreshment UK

"Thank you for your amazing work! It is really a blessing!" Catrin Tuyizere, United German Mission Alliance

"We did get an administrator through an OSCAR advert in the past year ... Very useful information service. I believe many people look at service opportunities online at OSCAR." Glenn Tainio, ReachAcross

"Good source of information & a good means of raising awareness of our ministry. We will continue to use OSCAR in 2017" Anonymous

"We have had about 46 (responses) in the last 12 months. :)" Chrissie Brown, WEC International

"For the year 2014/15, we had at least 6 responses via Oscar although many don't say where they saw us or found us. Someone came to us specifically after seeing a card at a summer event. We always use OSCAR." Liz Hutchinson, TeachBeyond UK

"We get an average of 1-2 enquiries per vacancy advertised" Anonymous

"OSCAR is a valuable resource to the church and missions community. Already so many students have been helped by this site! Keep up the good work!" Irene McMahon, All Nations Christian College

"So far we have had 5 people contact either through seeing the advert on a stand or on your website - 2 of those have started volunteering.!" Matt Rich, Groundwire

"We recommended the Oscar website to some Indian friends of ours who run an amazing school in the south of India. They put in a three month ad and were delighted to be contacted by a very experienced retired head-teacher who had worked for many years in the Indian sub-continent. He came out to them and it was win-win all round as far as I can tell." Mary Fairfield

"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this resource, it is very much appreciated" Mark & Ruth Corbett, Children's Transformation Project, Kenya

"I'm a committed Christian from Coventry and mum to 3 boys. I work part time for my church as a parish administrator as well as working for a cleaning company. I've been unsettled with the cleaning company for a while now but things came to a head just before New Wine this year. I listened to a talk at New Wine about being in a pit and believing in God and finding a way out and knew I had to do something. I'd already looked at the jobs on the Oscar stand earlier in the week but something made me go back and look again which was when I saw the advert for a part time admin assistant home based in Coventry for 7-10 hours a week, I knew I had to apply, God was telling me it was the right thing to do. I'm overjoyed to say I got the job, God answered my prayers and I'm so excited about the opportunity I've been given. " Debbie Niblett, Tastelife

"Following a months listing on the OSCAR job site we had more than 10 responses to our Funding Development Management role at Food for the Hungry UK, from which we were able to hold first round discussions with 4 prospective candidates, we were extremely pleased with the quality and range of applicants and we would like to thank you and the OSCAR team for providing such a cost effective, accessible and useful service." Paul Cornelius, CEO, FHUK

"We advertised for a Head of Overseas Operations on your boards at New Wine South and the day after it went up I had a conversation about the role with someone who had seen the card on your stand. She was one of a number interviewed for the role and was ultimately the successful candidate. For us your boards were a very cost effective form of advertising especially when compared with the huge sums charged for by professional head hunters. We use your boards every time that the event coincides with a recruitment drive. It is a very easy and very effective service." Tricia Pruden, Deputy Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Embrace the Middle East

"I have had 2 inquiries so far, one mentioned you at New Wine & the other at Momentum so thank you for that. The ones from New Wine have been interviewed & sorted out with a place to work & we hope that they will go out in October!! Fast work! So, many thanks for all you do." Liz Hutchinson, Development Officer, TeachBeyond UK

"You provide great info!" Mrs H Davis from Northampton

"Thanks so much for all you do for organisations like us!" Dr Claire Bankole, National Coordinator, Fusion Youth & Community UK

"You provide a FANTASTIC service. It was through your site that my husband and I ended up at Bethlehem Bible College for two years. I'm a big fan." Mary Fairfield

"I don't know where we would be without Oscar as most of our referrals come from your website." Owen Davies, Shunem Trust

"Thank you so much. I have known two people recently who have needed this information on health care. I have passed it on. Bless you. You have your finger on all the buttons." M K

"Mike and I are returning to England in September after nearly 15 years in mission. Not sure what we will be doing next, but we will certainly be using OSCAR links and contacts to help us through the transition. You have built us an amazingly valuable resource, and we would like to say a big thank you." Mike & Sue Hawthorne, Bethany Ministries

"It was a providential day when @Windy_London retweeted this @oscaruk listing last November bc I applied and was offered the position!" Tracey C

"Finding the site such a blessing, especially in praying for mission around the world." PS

"Thank you for helping us out last year. You provide an amazing service to so many people." Caroline Taylor, Major Donor Relations, Happy Child International (UK).

"I'd like to let you know how helpful we find the information you gather is; your link to documents about re-entry was particularly useful when our son returned to the UK recently." Kris Pocklington, Revive Church, Hull.

"Just a note to say thanks for all your team's help with getting our ad's posted out at events. We appreciate the help and support. We are also finding the OSCAR site is much appreciated with staff new and current and the articles and blogs are great for our careers twitter feed." Rachel Phipps, HR Manager. MAF UK.

"I LOVE Oscar and the way you keep resources and events information uptodate and available to us!" Claudia, Member Carer in the Middle-East.

"Thanks for another interesting update, I always read through the email and nearly always find something that I want to click through and read about. Thank you for all you do in keeping Oscar running!." Lee Phillips, Benin.

"For us in WEC International, OSCAR is a valuable way of publicising missional opportunities for service. Each time we talk to a new batch of workers being prepared for service, we seem to find at least one who became aware of serving with WEC via the OSCAR website. In fact perhaps 1/3 of people looking seriously at serving in mission with WEC have at one point looked at the OSCAR website." Dick Davies, Media & Comms Director for WEC International

"Many thanks for a really helpful update! Thanks for the article by Lisa McKay. I'm currently working with 4 families with v young children so it's very timely." Member Care Coordinator, Large Mission Org.

"Having finished Uni, I was deseprate to find employment within Christian ministry where possible. Enter Oscar. Oscar was a website recommended to me for its vast expanse of Christian vocational work. Oscar made it easy to view where particular jobs were based and what they encompassed with an application process that made other websites laughable. It's thanks to the advertisement on Oscar that I am now in a full time Christian post which I love and that coincides with my degree. So, woman to woman, student to student, impatient job hunter to impatient job hunter - use Oscar. It's simple, efficient and has jobs that you won't find on other websites.happy hunting!" Rachel Fox, Operations Assistant, Transform Europe Now

"We placed an advert for a trustee at New Wine, and although the applicant who responded to the job card did not become a Trustee, she has become an excellent Networks Project Volunteer - thank you so much!" Ann Marie Wilson, Executive Director, 28toomany

"We think you do a BRILLIANT job and are constantly recommending you to others for various reasons!" P & E, North Africa.

"The two Biblica job ads on the OSCAR site attracted 25 applications from a good range of candidates" Mark Finney, Bible Director, Biblica.

"Great newsletter and articles as always." Chris N, USA.

"I think OSCAR is a wonderful service!!" Anita G, China.

"I just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you. It is amazing how Oscar has developed since we first started using the site ... I really appreciate your vision for OSCAR and the hard work you have put into it. " Sue Hawthorne, Grace International School, Bangladesh.

"Great customer service." Mary Triller, Human Resources Manager, Next Level International.

"Very easy to use, accessible and diverse. We have had a few enquiries through Oscar and during this past year recruited a long-termer who first heard about us through Oscar. I think compared to other advertising opportunities Oscar is by far one of the best! Your costs are excellent!" Penny Stradling, Vocational Recruitment Officer, CMS

"I have found the OSCAR website and emails to be hugely informative and a wonderful resource to keep us updated with what is happening in the mission world. OSCAR is one of the first places I will look for information related to member care and we recommend to all our mission personnel to access the website." Graeme Riddell, Team Leader for Mission Programmes, BMS World Mission

"I love your website and refer to it often when traveling back to the UK. We recommend your website link under our Member Care resources on our YWAM Nexia website here in Canada. Keep up the excellent work!" Susie Graham, Member Care Coordinator, YWAM Nexia, Canada

'Just to say that having heard about OSCAR only last week I used the information on the website to contact Travel Agents regarding my next trip to Uganda. They have managed to save me over £200 on the cost of my flight for which I am very grateful to them and to you'Revd. Dr. Clive Jarvis

'I am already getting enquiries from people who were at New Wine! Thank you for helping us to share our teaching needs at these events.' Jane Gruler-Johns, Personnel Coordinator, Haven of Peace Academy

'We have had some good responses from Oscar members' Paul Costello, Sayva Trek Ltd

"'CTBI Christians Abroad is delighted with the response that we have had to advertisements in OSCAR....both in terms of number and quality. The people who have approached us have appropriately been experienced professionals and committed and faithful Christian men and women..and we are very grateful for this effective communication life line. Many thanks.' " Colin South, Christians Abroad

"'You have developed a really great service which we really value' " Ted Lankester, InterHealth

"My daughter has used it extensively to identify suitable organisations and opportunities, first for her gap year in 2008/2009 and now, in 2011, for her medical elective. She commented last week that the OSCAR site has been amazing and has enabled her to work with organisations with a committed Christian foundation and ethos. So, once again, OSCAR, you are part of God's purposes and an invaluable tool." M Evans

"You have such a great website!!" Rose Bambi

"Thank you for your advice regarding the booking of my flight. I got significant discount of which I am able to save £220. Oscar has been a blessing to me ... keep the good works so that others will benefit too" Rev Habila S. Kohon

"We have also had lots of hits following the sponsorship of the Travel Pages as well so we will definitely be renewing this." Andrew Hankin, Diversity Travel

"We have found OSCAR to be a great resource both on and off the field. Thank you for your ministry and hard work. It is very much appreciated." Steve M

"I am so grateful for the time you invested on our behalf. You have given me so much useful information and links. Bless you. This is just the kind of support we value so much. I feel a lot more confident now about home educating our children, there is a lot of information "out there", it is a question of having someone gather so much together and help point us in the right direction. Thanks again." DW, missionary in West Africa

"Just to encourage you. I just looked at the Google Analytics stats and Oscar is the top referring site" Paul Zonnenberg, ICCM Europe

"Last week we met up with our new intake of workers, still doing their orientation. I discovered that out of the seven Brits on the current course, three applied in response to our advertising on OSCAR!" Flora Davies, WEC

"Bless you for your time and kindness! You are very encouraging and God is using you!"Wendy Morrow, Global Teams

"The OSCAR site is definitely the easiest site to place and search for jobs." Matthew Vaughan, Publications, Interserve

"What an inspiration you are to me to see your faithful work on your OSCAR Update each month. I am sure it is of inestimable value to many who are seeking advice regarding missions." Neal Pirolo, Director, ERI and author of 'Serving as Senders'

"This website is an amazing resource, and I both use it frequently and recommend it to others! Thank you for your hard work." Jane de la Haye, Minister's Wife

"We were very impressed with the OSCAR site. It is so good to find a Christian site with such a level of excellence" Morag Evans, Acorn Christian Ministries

"I think OSCAR is fantastic - we have sent info about it to all of our Brits on the field"Becky Mehaffey, Director of Overseas Missions,

"We think OSCAR is a GREAT resource" Principal, International School in China.

"OSCAR is a great resource, and I really find the newsletters interesting - Keep up the good work!" Ricky Moorhouse,

"Your website is superb, accessible and informative" UK grant making charitable trust

"Your webpage is wonderfully helpful and informative" Jerry Sweitzer, Coordinator for Mission Connect,

"We do get quite a few enquiries through your website, so thank you. It's a great website and wonderful service you are offering people." Ann McIntyre, Barnabas Outreach Trust

"I've been tracking our website statistics since October 2006. During this period I've noticed that is one of our top 5 referring sites and, of these, visitors from OSCAR generally stay on our site the longest and have the highest average page views per visit. Put simply, OSCAR is referring mission-minded people with a real interest in our organisation." Communications Coordinator, Frontiers British Office,

"I have recommended your site to inquiring fellow missionaries as the first and best place to look as they make plans to visit England. Thank you so much for this ministry to us. " Matt Fisher, Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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"A GREAT, GREAT service you are offering through this site. And it keeps getting better!"Neal Pirolo, ERI

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"You are doing a really important job for the Great Commission. You are a blessing!" NKandBeyond Team

"I have found a number of your articles a real help - so thanks. I appreciate the way that you bring our attention to things - and have found myself challenged on a number of occasions at just the right time - so, please be encouraged, God is working through what you are saying!" J.C., Mozambique.

"the most effective group for mission in this 21st century" K.K.T

"Before we advertised on OSCAR, most of our enquiries came from in and around London. Now we're hearing from people all over England - and even some in Northern Ireland. Thanks OSCAR." Mission Organisation Leader, UK.

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A few comments from our re-launch/virtual party:
"Superb website."
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"The two links from your site consistently come up as generating the most visitors of any of our reciprocal linkages" Steve Fouch, Director, MMA HealthServe.

"good and valuable" Trinity College, Bristol.

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"the leading UK information service for world mission", Action Partners Website.

"OSCAR has to be one of the most important and valuable resources available to mission agencies and their workers today. It"s a great site!" David Marfleet, Fundraising, Marketing and Development Consultant, David Marfleet Ltd.

"Although retired I very much appreciate your work and often pass on information to those who need it." Roy Dumphreys, Retired from Latin Link.

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"Britain's best for missions advice and support" Dr. Les Norman, Director, DCI Trust, UK.

"I heard about OSCAR when I returned from my time in Zambia with SIM, and have found it a very helpful site." Deborah Anderson, Hillview Evangelical Church, Gloucester.

"We"ve been waiting for something like OSCAR for a long time. I welcome this chance for people to interact on issues, hear of openings, and learn about some of the really good books around. It deserves to be well used." Julia Cameron, Head of Communications, IFES.

"Very informative and lots of fun" Jan McGinnis, British Isles Director,
Covenant Players.

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"Thanks for your help - it"s a great service you run." Jim Hasnip, Mid-Africa Ministry (CMS) Regional Representative.

"OSCAR is a veritable Encyclopedia Britannica of useful information and, best of all, it"s the "Idiot"s Guide To ..." - simple and easy to understand." Roz Dawson, Promotions Coordinator, Action Partners Ministries

"Next time you need help concerning mission or Christian work overseas don"t panic, just ask OSCAR, the UK Information Service for World Mission!" Christian Herald (12 Sep 2002), UK.

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"Whatever you"re looking for in world mission information, this is a great place to start."Operation World Website.

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"OSCAR ... consists of extensive, well-researched lists with hundreds of UK contacts and resources to help all types of missionaries at all stages of service. By using easy-to-use search facilities and indexes, you can obtain details of a wide variety of services, opportunities, organisations and resources. OSCAR is proving a popular visit." World Mission Magazine (Nov/Dec 2001), BMS, UK.

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"Excellent source of content! Nice design and layout! Great use of technology! Good work! Great site overall! 4 star rating (82/100)"

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"Thank you so much for creating this website, it was just what I was looking for and has been extremely useful." Rachel Sinclair, 3rd year student, St Martin"s College, UK.

"You don"t need to look long at [OSCAR"s] brilliant directory of all sorts of services ... to see that this is a tremendous step forward in missionary resourcing and equipping that just wouldn"t have been possible even five years ago. Do the missionaries from your church know about it? If not, why not?
And how about those people who are considering missionary service - but don"t know where to start? OSCAR"s guide to vacancies and needs is a great place to look. Get this URL on your church notice board now!" Christianity Magazine (November 2000), UK.

"WOW! I love what you folks have done." Anonymous, USA.

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"Let me once again say what an excellent service this is." Clair Gorman, National Administrator, YWAM England, UK.

"I just took a first opportunity to look at your new site, which is excellent." John Rose, Chief Executive, WorldShare, UK.

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"OSCAR is an excellent website for us on the field" T.J., South-East Asia.

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"Looks cool" Tim Raynes, National Administrator, Pioneer DNA, UK.

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"You have done a superb job" Roger Johnson, Headway, UK.

"It looks great and I am sure that it is a valuable resource both for missionaries and for the general Christian as a point of reference" Steve Richards, Director, Northstar UK.

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"Good idea ... Keep up the good work!" Marc Koelewijn, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Chad.

"Your site is turning into a wonderful resource centre, we are going to point a lot of people towards it because you are compiling the answers they are looking for all in one place. Very well done" Dr. Les Norman, Director, DCI Trust, UK.

"It is wonderful. Such a refreshing idea. It must be one of the most in-depth, Mission sites in the world. Clearly tons of hard work. Thank you for all this knowledge and information. It is a massive credit to your professionalism. What more does the uninformed Mission person need?" Gerry Slessenger, Mission Supplies Limited, UK.

"Brilliant ... keep up the good work" T.L.

"Your OSCAR update email is excellent. It gives a lot of attracting and useful information. Well done! Excellent. ... very professional touch and the information is useful. The most important thing is the way you"ve organised the site is good. We can find what we want easily" Marie Chung, Christian Computer Consultancy Ltd, UK.

"Most worthwhile and useful" David Boydell, Director, Les Cedres Christian French Language School, Paris, France.

"What a wonderful site ... well done" Glyn Davies, Church Administrator, Woodlands Christian Centre and Parklands Evangelical Church, UK.

"the CD ... it reads well and it has a lot of good stuff in it. It is a great help to those of us on the field where poor phone connections limit our web access to have the CD to browse. It should be issued to all workers departing for the field!" T.J. South-East Asia.