How's My Support Network?

by Helen Calder
Posted on 1st April 2021
We all have some level of support network, whether we recognise it or not. Here’s an opportunity to look at your support network and consider ways to strengthen it. This may be especially relevant for those whose situation is changing or has recently changed.   Admit it or not we all need...

Welcome the Stranger

by Connie Yu
Posted on 1st March 2021
The Bible teaches that one of God’s tests for a just society is the way that society treats immigrants. In Leviticus, God’s people were clearly instructed: “‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love...

Put your faith in second hand books

by Sylvia
Posted on 1st March 2021
Are second hand books worth your time? Absolutely. Whether bringing enlightenment or entertainment, they’re a workout for the mind. Walk into any church and the Bible - arguably the ultimate second hand text - is there, waiting for you! New is overrated. Second hand books provide value and, in the case...

Supporting Connections: We Need Each Other

by Steve Beegoo
Posted on 1st February 2021
I was sat at my desk when I received the email last week. “I am overwhelmed with your kindness… Thank you!”. Then a little later from someone else, “Thank you for your prayers, I really appreciate that especially as I have had a hospital procedure this week - very timely!”....

10 Resolutions to Save You From Burnout

by Alex Hawke
Posted on 1st January 2021
The past 9 months have ramped up the stress levels for many of us. Caring for ourselves can seem selfish but if we don’t then we can’t sustainably serve those around us and we’re at serious risk of burnout. I learned the value of the following resolutions the hard way a...

Use What You’ve Got

by Alex Hawke
Posted on 1st December 2020
‘The LORD said to [Moses] “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.’(Exodus 4:2) Moses’ staff was among the few possessions he had. It was probably his shepherd’s staff and represents what he knew and what he already had. God took that and made it a tool Moses would...

Legacy Matters

by Peter Hellawell
Posted on 1st November 2020
Whitefield Christian Trust helps long term overseas missionaries with housing on their return to the UK. Having been operational for almost 30 years we have assisted more than 40 people and currently have investments in 28 houses and flats. Houses cost a lot of money but we have received a number of...

How to find work teaching English online

by Erin Honigman
Posted on 1st November 2020
Due to social distancing rules and safety precautions, more and more people are turning to remote work to supplement their incomes. Perhaps you need some extra money, or maybe you’re looking for a way to be more productive with your free time at home.  If you’re one of those people looking...

Team Dynamics

by Mark Billage
Posted on 1st September 2020
Team Dynamics (How can we move forward together?) Most of us have been part of a team at some point in our lives. Teams come together around a common purpose. We understand that teams can achieve more than an individual can. When teams are running well the energy is high, capacity...

Emerging into the New Normal

by Matt Edwards
Posted on 1st September 2020
Strange. Unprecedented. Unpredictable. Uncertain. Difficult. Many adjectives can be used to describe our experiences of the pandemic as it has swept the globe. Some countries are starting to ‘lift’ restrictions and lockdowns, attempting to emerge into some kind of ‘normality’. Other places are going into lockdown for the first or...
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