Time to Reset our Travel?

by Caroline Pomeroy
Posted on 1st October 2021
In March last year the sky above my house suddenly emptied of planes and their contrails, and we all began to notice the birdsong. Lockdown meant that harmful carbon emissions from travel more or less ceased overnight. The sudden dip in emissions has been likened to someone turning off the...

Christian Guest House in London

by Sue Scalora
Posted on 1st September 2021
Starting as the Foreign Missions Club in 1893, The Highbury Centre has been offering Christian accommodation in North London for over 125 years. When the Foreign Missions Club was formed, one of the key goals was to offer missionaries a comfortable, safe, and friendly place to stay in London. From the...

Insurance Post-Coronavirus

by Access Insurance
Posted on 1st September 2021
After the last year, charities, churches and other organisations are re-evaluating their activities, adapting to flexible working and looking for sustainable and efficient ways to operate. Post-pandemic, there are several considerations that charities face in managing risk and reviewing their insurance: Cutting costs We are seeing many charities seeking to cut costs;...

Rooted in God's Love

by Alex Hawke
Posted on 1st August 2021
What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘resilience’? Here are some definitions of resilience: “the ability to anticipate, withstand and bounce back from external pressures and shocks.” “The ability to make the best of any situation.” “Capacity to deal well with pressure.” Here’s a particularly Christian definition: “Resilience is...

Even to your Old Age

by Alison Packer
Posted on 1st July 2021
‘Even to your old age’ (Isaiah 46:4) Caring for older parents while serving in mission Broaching the subject of care with parents is not easy. There is never a right way of doing this. So many factors have to be added into the equation – geographic location, financial position, the quality of relationships...

Connecting with Me, Myself and God

by Jericho Bulaun
Posted on 1st June 2021
It has been a difficult time in the last year or so, navigating the noise of the world all while feeling alone and disconnected from each other. This is the opposite of our nature as human beings, to be connected, social and together which has driven us into feelings of...

How Much To Give?

by Helen Calder
Posted on 1st June 2021
This resource provides a method for discerning a personal level of Christian giving. It is based on the author’s personal experience. It’s written for: Christians considering the level of their overall giving or their giving to a specific cause. Anyone providing Christian discipleship training.   For many Christians it’s a challenge to work out...

How's My Support Network?

by Helen Calder
Posted on 1st April 2021
We all have some level of support network, whether we recognise it or not. Here’s an opportunity to look at your support network and consider ways to strengthen it. This may be especially relevant for those whose situation is changing or has recently changed.   Admit it or not we all need...

Welcome the Stranger

by Connie Yu
Posted on 1st March 2021
The Bible teaches that one of God’s tests for a just society is the way that society treats immigrants. In Leviticus, God’s people were clearly instructed: “‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love...

Put your faith in second hand books

by Sylvia
Posted on 1st March 2021
Are second hand books worth your time? Absolutely. Whether bringing enlightenment or entertainment, they’re a workout for the mind. Walk into any church and the Bible - arguably the ultimate second hand text - is there, waiting for you! New is overrated. Second hand books provide value and, in the case...
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