Your Mission is Our Mission: Training in Kenya

by Sarah T
Posted on 1st November 2019

At OSCAR, Your Mission is Our Mission. OSCAR exists to support you and the mission that God has called you to.

With a wide range of resources to keep Christian individuals and charities from having to do it all themselves, OSCAR comes alongside each one in a variety of ways.

Mission Workers in Kenya

OSCAR’s Global Training was held in Kenya in early May 2019, with the aim of preparing people in the region for mission with seminars on 'crossing cultures', ‘re-entry’,  'support raising’ and also training on how churches can ‘serve as senders’.

“Thanks for coming all the way to train us and impacting knowledge; it was extremely timely for me” wrote Carolyne, a Kenyan who has subsequently left for mission in Papua New Guinea.  Carolyne was one of the 28 people who took part in the Global Training Courses provided by Mike Frith.  

Roger, preparing to return to the USA after many years serving as a counsellor to mission workers in Kenya, found the ‘Re-entry’ day particularly helpful, saying:

"To be honest, it was far more comprehensive and practical than what I had been exposed to previously.  You provided wonderful insights for me to make use of”

Feedback on the Raising Support workshop was inspiring, with Margaret, a Kenyan lady who raises her own support for the organisation she works with, writing: 

“Really informative and encouraging. Very helpful. Thank you for the insights. It was engaging, informative and encouraging to know that God doesn’t change even in our changing situations"

Further feedback came from Sonia, a British mission worker responsible for training and supporting other mission workers across East Africa:

"Just to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and now have lots to think about as I look at what we do – and how to figure out how to make it better! Thanks you for helping in that process!"

Church pastors and mission representatives who came on the 'Serving as Senders' day were equally impacted, with two people from a large Nairobi church commenting:

"Beautifully done, clear, easy to understand. Your classes just confirmed to me which direction I need to take in missions. Excellent. Very helpful to us as we prepare our people to the work of service"

OSCAR's training days were a great opportunity for a broad range of mission workers to learn and network together, both Kenyan and those from other countries; ranging from some just starting their mission journey to others thinking about re-entry to their home country. As one participant commented afterwards:

"More people and organisations would benefit from this"

It sounds like another training trip to Kenya may be in the pipeline!

Sarah T, having lived in the Middle East and Central Asia for many years, now lives in the UK working as a Community Worker amongst the ethnically diverse community helping refugees and asylum seekers to integrate well into UK life. Her passion is to work towards peaceful cross-cultural relationships, where respect and God’s love is shown to people who arrive in the UK from the Middle East and war-torn lands. Additionally Sarah enjoys working as part-time administrator with OSCAR.