Volunteer Your Help with OSCAR

Do you have some time to spare? Would you like to make a difference to the lives of mission workers? Why not offer your help to OSCAR?

There are various tasks that you can get involved in and these are listed below. Take on as much or as little as you would like, maybe in your area of expertise or interest. This work is completely voluntary - there is no salary but some expenses may be covered. This invitation is open to anyone, but would be particularly suitable for someone in any of the following categories:

  • Professionals with spare time or part-time to offer
  • Mission workers recently returned from the field or on extended home assignment
  • Self supported individuals
  • Early retirees with experience or knowledge in these areas

Being within reach of Gloucester (OSCAR's office) would be preferable for some of the tasks but not absolutely necessary. For further information, please contact: Mike Frith, OSCAR Director ( info@oscar.org.uk )


  • development and implementation of funding strategies
  • applications and correspondence with charitable trusts, churches, mission agencies support agencies, grant making agencies and major individual givers

Qualifications and/or experience in preparing fundraising applications and materials is necessary. A good knowledge of the Internet is also preferable.


  • advise and assist with the regular accounts of the organisation
  • research current charity finance requirements
  • produce the annual accounts summary

Qualifications and/or experience in accountancy/finance is necessary. A good knowledge of Charity finance requirements and computer based accounting systems is also preferable.


  • develop and produce publicity materials for OSCAR

Previous experience in publicity related activities is necessary. Knowledge of marketing, printing and writing press releases is also preferable.

Web Design/Development

  • assist in the development of the OSCAR website
  • researching suitable new technologies

Qualifications and/or experience in web design is necessary.
Technical knowledge and/or qualifications in programming is also preferable.

Web Research

  • research and collation of information for the OSCAR website in your particular area of knowledge and 'expertise'.

A good knowledge of the Internet is necessary. Knowledge of missions and understanding/experience of overseas mission work is also preferable.

Local Representatives

  • to promote the work of OSCAR in your locality, church or field of work

A good knowledge of the Internet and missions is preferable.