Your Mission is Our Mission: Working in Partnership

by Sarah T
Posted on 1st February 2020

At OSCAR, Your Mission is Our Mission. OSCAR exists to support you and the mission that God has called you to.

With a wide range of resources to keep Christian individuals and charities from having to do it all themselves, OSCAR comes alongside each one in a variety of ways.

Fiona Mearns, Resourcing Christian Workers Coordinator, Stewardship

In my interview with Fiona Mearns I learnt what a wealth of experience she has to offer Christian Workers, as she explained to me how she has worked with Stewardship for nearly 15 years in a variety of capacities.  She explained “my current role is Resourcing Christian Workers Coordinator” going on to say how she is “part of a team dedicated to supporting Christian Workers who are raising and living on support.” 

It was back when Fiona was involved with arranging training days that she first became aware of OSCAR.  She told me “Mike Frith, OSCAR’s Director, has been a valuable part of our training team for several years now.  We first initiated training back in 2011 and it has since developed to become a fundamental part of the way we support Christian Workers.” 

When I asked Fiona about how well Stewardship and OSCAR work together, and what has been accomplished by this relationship, she highlighted “Mike has contributed his experience and knowledge of the mission field to a wide range of resources we make available to Christian Workers.”  Stating in addition “his personal perspective and wisdom on support-raising helped us to create the series of video clips – Money and Ministry – which aim to help those exploring or new to support-raising to consider key questions.” 

Very encouraging to hear from Fiona how “it is building that sense of partnership and community which is so important in support-raising.  By partnering with OSCAR, we are able to strengthen that message and help individuals see beyond their own immediate situation, signpost them to sources of information and broaden their understanding of how God resources mission.”

What a great testimony to this partnership when Fiona reported the one reoccurring message from the work Stewardship and OSCAR do with Christian Workers is that "you are not alone".    Clearly through the training and resources offered, Workers are helped and equipped to raise and maintain a strong support base and handle the financial aspects of their ministry with integrity.  

Sarah T, having lived in the Middle East and Central Asia for many years, now lives in the UK working as a Community Worker amongst the ethnically diverse community helping refugees and asylum seekers to integrate well into UK life. Her passion is to work towards peaceful cross-cultural relationships, where respect and God’s love is shown to people who arrive in the UK from the Middle East and war-torn lands. Additionally Sarah enjoys working as part-time administrator with OSCAR.