Your Mission is Our Mission: Ending FGM

by Heather Huber
Posted on 1st April 2019

At OSCAR, Your Mission is Our Mission. OSCAR exists to support you and the mission that God has called you to.

With a wide range of resources to keep Christian individuals and charities from having to do it all themselves, OSCAR comes alongside each one in a variety of ways.

Andrea BrookesAndrea Brookes, 28 Too Many

28 Too Many found a valuable employee by posting their job listing on OSCAR.

In that way, OSCAR is helping to end FGM!

Andrea Brookes was a missionary in Mozambique with Iris Global before starting as a Personal Assistant to 28 Too Many’s Founder Ann-Marie.  Wanting to reflect and improve on her work,  she came back to the UK in 2016 to obtain an MA in Mission and Development at All Nations Christian College. In order to figure out what was next, upon graduation, she was looking for a job in the London area that engaged her missionary heart.  Whilst finishing her dissertation she did some research online on OSCAR’s job board with 600+ opportunities and found a listing for a part-time Personal and Finance Assistant for 28 Too Many in just one month’s time that sounded ideal.  After interviewing in October, she started in November!

Ann-Marie is thrilled with her OSCAR find in the caliber of employee she has found in Andrea this past year.  Andrea’s role is varied, involving many aspects of 28 Too Many’s operations including attending events and conferences alongside Ann-Marie, assisting with writing newsletters, organising fundraising events and attending board meeting.  With Andrea’s previous work in Africa and studies, she had already investigated female genital mutilation and was able to bring some experience and knowledge with her to the role. As a missionary, she connects with Ann-Marie’s passion to see justice brought to women and girls lives who have been affected by this form of violence. This has been an astonishing match for an organisation which produced country reports on the 28 countries affected by FGM in Africa as well as thematic reports on issues such as the Law & FGM in each of these countries.

28 Too Many was established by Ann-Marie in 2010 unofficially and launched in 2012 as a project to end FGM in the remaining 28 countries that practice this horrific act.  Their research is created to influence change using a top down (educating government leaders, lawyers, and politicians) as well as a bottom up approach (influencing community and religious leaders, grassroots activists, local schools, etc) who can enact change in their country and community.

OSCAR stands by them in their quest, ready to advance their cause as an aid in finding human resources and many other connections to others actively working in these regions of the world.

Heather Huber is an international nonprofit consultant.  Her greatest joy comes in connecting people helping the 'least of these' to the resources they need to succeed. She has moved over 40 times, primarily within the United States and twice to Uganda and is currently bouncing around Europe with a suitcase, carry-on and personal items.