Coronavirus: Help after Lockdown

by Mike Frith
Posted on 29th May 2020

OSCAR has collected together a number of resources and links to help you plan for the months ahead.

This is a follow on from last month's article - Coronavirus: Help for Mission Workers, and can be regarded as an addendum.

'Global Transmission, Global Mission' is a free short e-book by Jason Mandryk, author of Operation World, that takes readers through a sweeping overview of the implications of the coronavirus for the global Church, and specifically, its impact on global mission.

All Nations Christian College have been hosting a series of webinars entitled 'Reimagining Church & Mission'. You can review the material and watch the seminars via their website.

Key Travel's COVID-19 hub is starting to provide advice for individuals and organisations wanting to plan and book travel post-crisis.

If, as the lockdown eases, you need a car temporarily in the UK, Ichthus Motor Services or Syzygy may be able to help.

Stewardship's COVID-19 directory has some advice for individuals and workers as lockdown eases.

The Job Retention Scheme for employees has been extended until the end of October. The Self-employment Income Support Scheme has also just been extended for 3 further months, which will be welcome for many Christian workers who live on personal support.

Talent Trust Consultants continue to provide full medical COVID-19 insurance cover and support for its members. Maybe you should consider switching to them for the future if your insurance doesn't cover this.

Thrive Worldwide has a helpful blog post from a psychotherapist as you emerge from lockdown.

Check out OSCAR's events list to see both upcoming events which are now online plus future events still planning to go ahead after lockdown eases.

Christian organisations and churches are just starting to advertise new jobs again. OSCAR has approching 100 UK jobs on our site again; more than any other Christian job site. If you're not going back to your old job/role, take a look at

Operation World continues to have reports and prayer requests from Christians on the ground in different countries.

Mike Frith is the Founding Director of OSCAR. Prior to starting OSCAR, he worked as a pilot/engineer with Mission Aviation Fellowship where he spent time living in the USA, France, Switzerland, Madagascar and Uganda. He has been involved in working with, supporting, training and resourcing cross-cultural workers for over 25 years. He is married to Cheryl and they have two grown up children, Joanna and Will.