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SALT Insurance Services Ltd

Service Organisation | UNITED KINGDOM

Just as we all need Salt to sustain our lives, SALT Insurance Services Limited will be there for you when it really matters.

We provide emergency medical and travel insurance for missionaries, church groups and individuals travelling overseas, whether on Short or Long-term mission trip or just for your annual holiday. We offer the best value for money policy because we understand your needs. We have a heartfelt desire to serve you and provide you with a personal service.

Our team has nearly 10 years experience dealing with the mission world and together with our policy underwriters, understand the needs of the missionary overseas.

Our policy provides

  • Competitive premiums
  • Cover for paid and volunteer workers
  • Cover in areas of war and civil unrest
  • Cover for all nationalities
  • Levels of cover to suit your needs

SALT Insurance Services Limited see their role as "supporting the workers in the field". We have a heart for mission and will try our utmost to provide you with the policy you want, so if it's not within the standard policy, talk to us and we will try to meet your needs.

We now also offer UK nationals a policy that will cover them in the UK AS WELL AS OVERSEAS, our website quote and buy page has an option for "expatriates/non UK nationals" and there are a few choices of policy to suit various needs.