Asian Hope International School, Cambodia
Location: Phnom Penh
Finance: Salary or Allowance
Duration: Full‑time, Permanent, 1 to 4 years
Activity: Children & Youth, Education & Training
Posted: 19 Feb 2024
Closes: Open-ended

IGCSE Teachers for August 2024

Asian Hope International School, Cambodia

 To work with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to design and implement a classroom instructional program that facilitates positive growth and change in the knowledge base, thinking, feeling, and behavior of learners and leads to responsible Christian discipleship.


  1. Spiritual Leadership
    1. Proactively cultivate and protect a spiritually and emotionally nurturing environment for all students.
    2. Exhibit the fruit of the spirit and spiritual maturity before the students, parents, and faculty/staff.
    3. Participate in staff prayer and devotions.
    4. Lead class/homeroom devotions on a daily basis for their students.
    5. Attend and participate in school assembly programs.
  2. Curriculum and Instruction
    1. Regularly review curriculum guides and plan lessons that lead to fulfillment of course priorities and goals.
    2. Ensure that the ESLR’s are implemented in the daily class lessons/activities.
    3. Prepare lesson plans containing objectives, instructional plans and assessment.
    4. Design and maintain a positive, pleasant, and nurturing classroom environment, including regular preparation of bulletin boards and classroom displays.
    5. Implement an effective classroom management/discipline program which promotes effective student learning.
    6. Review and incorporate instructional/information technology and audio visual aids to support the fulfillment of lesson objectives.
    7. Assign homework that supports the classroom program and the expectations and goals of the school.
  3. Supervision
    1. Effectively oversee the learning process in the classroom.
    2. Apply the spirit as well as the letter of the school and classroom rules as appropriate.
    3. Supervise students at lunch and/or during scheduled periods, according to the campus supervision plan.
    4. Supervise students at school activities as required.
    5. Facilitate the collection and reporting of funds for school-generated projects.
  4. Organization
    1. Organize class activities, dependent upon assigned responsibilities.
    2. Arrange for field trips that extend or apply classroom learning.
    3. Plan and present classroom assemblies at regular intervals as assigned.
    4. Review/practice emergency procedures with students.
  5. Communication
    1. Meet with parents during Back to School Night early in the school year, presenting an overview of the classroom program.
    2. Conference with parents, as scheduled, requested, and/or needed.
    3. Proved written reports of student progress, as requested, scheduled, and/or needed.
    4. Maintain an attitude of openness and a desire for communication.
    5. Alert responsible personnel if a student expresses/exhibits a need for the intervention of special professional services.
    6. Maintain weekly written communication (Homework Assignment Sheet or letter) with parents highlighting the class activities, homework, tests, etc. (for elementary).
  6. Record Keeping / Assessment
    1. Maintain an accurate record of each student’s work for use in determining grades.
    2. Maintain a daily record of student attendance.
    3. Oversee responsible use of supplementary texts, materials, and supplies.
    4. Complete end of year procedures, according to appropriate inventories and checklists.
  7. Collaboration
    1. Collaborate with other teachers in the on-going articulation and evaluation of curricular programs including: curriculum writing, determining scope and sequence priorities, effective teaching strategies, assessment practices, and related textbook adoptions.
    2. Serve on committees and/or supervise or sponsor activities supporting the overall school program.
    3. Seek opportunities for curricular integration.
  8. Professional Development
    1. Annually submit a written list of professional goals to the principal.
    2. Participate in scheduled in-service, curriculum planning, and professional development activities.
    3. Observe colleagues and be observed by colleagues.

Please mention OSCAR when responding.

Asian Hope International School, Cambodia

The vision of Asian Hope International School is to provide quality, bilingual Christian education for Cambodian children. The school is dedicated to provide a high quality, child-centred Christian education, in a safe and caring environment.
#68 Chum Village Road
Phnom Penh