10 - 14 Mar 2020
MTO Moyoni Retreat Centre
Jinja, Uganda
Admission: Fee/Ticketed
Duration: More than 1 day
Type: Training
Activity: Member Care
Address: P.O. Box 2075

Transformation of the heart week

A week to discover what is in your heart that hinders you to receive the fullness of God and His blessings. Five days long we are taking you on a tour through life to let God show you the blockages which hinder the River of Life to flow. Jesus came to give us a life in abundance and He is more than eager to make that true in our lives. It is an intensive week of listening to Father God, allowing Him to do what He wants to do in your life and taking up the responsibility of forgiving, receiving forgiveness and leaving your burden at the cross of Jesus.

The material used in the week is originally developed by Restoring The Foundations.

Topics include:
• hearing the voice of God
• generational sins
• the importance of forgiveness
• ungodly beliefs
• bitter roots  and inner vows / curses
• soul ties / sexual sin
• rejection / shame
• soul and spirit hurts
• demonic oppression


Missionaries €190  (Payable in UGX at current rate)
Expats €220  (Payable in UGX at current rate)

Residents 685,000 UGX

Accommodation in the Wave (low budget)

465,000 UGX. 

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For more information:
Phone: +256 782 444478 (whatsapp

Run by MTO Moyoni Retreat Centre

MTO MOYONI  (Swahili for “river in the heart”) is a retreat centre on the banks of the river Nile, for people seeking spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment.
P.O. Box 2075