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One of the primary reasons for discouraged and burnt-out mission partners leaving their place of service for avoidable reasons is lack of adequate support.  The aim of Syzygy Missions Support Network is to help improve the support that mission partners receive by forging strategic alliances within the missions sector and providing key services that can prevent a critical failure of support. 

Syzygy exists to support mission partners.  Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission partners and prevent their premature departure from the their place of service.

We do this by providing:

  • Strategic leadership - We work within the missions sector together with churches and other sending organisations to ensure standards of care for mission partners are maintained.  We achieve this through participation in conferences and forums and by networking and collaborating with other organisations.
  • Pastoral support - We provide pastoral care, advice, support and help in solving problems through personal visits, home assignment reviews, training and facilitating.  Our website is being developed into an online support base and practical guide, and we keep in regular contact with mission partners through email and skype.
  • Training - We support individuals, teams, organisations and churches by providing practical training, coaching and mentoring to equip them to do their tasks more effectively.
  • Resourcing - We provide a variety of practical and logistical support to help mission partners.  This includes provision of a loan car for mission partners on HA, a prayer support network, property maintenance, publicity, and a wide range of professional advice.

Syzygy’s vision is to develop a network of people who are prepared to contribute something of their experience, expertise or time, and to direct them to where they can make a real difference in supporting the work of mission in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

In the longer term Syzygy aims to help churches and sending agencies develop and maintain strategies to equip them to support their own co-workers in cross-cultural situations.   We look to do this through key involvement in opinion-shaping conferences and forums and working together with like-minded organisations.


  • Syzygy Car Hire

    Cars for mission workers. We have a choice of FOUR cars - a 7-seater Toyota Previa which has an automatic gearbox, a 7-seater VW Touran 6 speed manual, and two family-sized VW Passat estates, both of which have manual gearboxes. They are all fully taxed and insured, ready for you to use for up to six months. We'll deliver them to you at a location that's convenient for you, or even meet you at the airport with them. We're also able to provide child car seat