Service Organisations A-Z

A directory of Christian service or support providers which support mission activity around the world.

  • W H Knox Associated Charitable Trusts

    The W H Knox Associated Charitable Trusts is a Christian charity based in Seven Kings, Redbridge, whose aims are to provide housing accommodation for Christians in need and to support Evangelical Christian mission work.
    Tel: 020 8911 9638
  • Walking In Their Shoes International (WITS)

    Our commitment is to provide care as a service to international Christian workers wherever they are in the world. This service is provided free to agencies and/or individuals and families. There are no charges for travel, services, or on-site expenses.
    Tel: + 1 616 844 3360 (USA)
  • WattsYourPathway

    WattsYourPathway uses debriefing and coaching to provide understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during their re-entry transition, enabling growth and confidence in themselves and what they have to offer.
  • WEA Signature Care Healthplan

    US based. Worldwide coverage for groups, individuals, and families.
    Tel: ++ 1 800 595 1892 (USA)
  • WEC Summer Camps

    Camps are planned each summer for 3 age groups between 10 and 21 years old.
  • Welcome Churches

    WELCOME CHURCHES' vision is for every refugee in the UK to be welcomed by their local church.
    Tel: 01332 498041
  • Whitchester Christian Guest House & Retreat Centre, Borthaugh, Hawick

    Whitchester offers to individuals, families and groups a place to retreat and rest from the busyness and pressures of every-day life. Discount possible for clergy, missionaries and other full time Christian workers.
  • White Rose Translations Ltd

    White Rose Translations Ltd offer translation services between any languages pair. The company is owned and operated by Christians.
  • Whitefield Christian Trust

    WCT helps those who have worked in long-term overseas Christian mission to buy a home on return to the UK. Money is contributed in the form of a shared equity which returns to the trust when the property is no longer needed.
  • Word Alive

    April in Prestatyn
    Tel: 020 7407 5863
  • Word and Spirit International Ministries

  • World Action Ministries

    WAM's ministry of Administration, Management and Ministry reaches out and touches countless numbers of people around the world through the variety of organisations it serves.
    Tel: 0121 355 8333
  • World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

    Serving as an official commission within the World Evangelical Alliance, the Mission Commission is an international and inter-generational community of global mission leaders pro-actively reflecting on shared issues in order to advance God’s mission
  • World Mission Consultancy

  • World Missions Travel

    World Missions Travel is a US based company with over twenty seven years of experience providing travel solutions for church, religious, missionary, humanitarian, relief, not-for-profit and NGO travel needs.
  • World Relief Germany

    PartnerAid is a charitable development & relief organization founded by committed Christians who wanted to contribute actively to overcom poverty. Our work is based on a Christian ethos reflected in our core values.
    Tel: 01494 794577
  • Worldwide

    ‘Unique’ is probably the best word to describe the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention. As far as we know there is no other Convention like it in the United Kingdom.
    Tel: 028 9181 7845
  • Worship.Works

    Worship.Works trains followers of Jesus to see their work as worship, with endless possibilities to transform nations. Our vision is to equip thousands of people to minister through their work.
  • WRS Insurance Brokers Limited

    WRS is an ethical insurance broker with a specialism in providing insurance advice to christian charities. Experienced in providing specialist cover to overseas volunteers.
    Tel: 01206 760780