Service Organisations A-Z

A directory of Christian service or support providers which support mission activity around the world.

  • Acacia Christian International School, Tanzania

  • Access Insurance Services

    Access is a Chartered firm, advising 15,000 charities, churches and non-profits across the UK. Advice and cover are offered on a tailored basis, ensuring each organisation receives what they really need.
  • ACFA

    This website provides a search facility for finding a Christian financial adviser in your area and gives a Christian perspective on many current issues facing the financial services sector and our wider society.

    Aclaim offer courses and seminars in Biblically based Christian business practices for Church personnel and Christian organisations in Africa. Based in Kampala, Uganda.
  • Acorn Christian Healing

    Through training, service and resources we provide a safe and effective Christian context in which people can experience personal and community wholeness, through exploring the essential elements of Healing, Reconciliation and Listening.
    Tel: 0142 0478121
  • Across the Bridge

    Across the Bridge supports overseas mission teams in reaching out to people of other faiths through providing on field pastoral support, prayer teams and prophetic ministry. Also debriefing in UK. In London, ATB works with the
  • Action Centres UK, Firm Foundations

    Firm Foundations is a free gap year. We offer Outdoor Instructor Training!! We offer FREE Accommodation, FREE Food, and FREE Qualifications. We'll even give you £200 per month subsistence. Visit our website for more info and APPLY ONLINE!
    Tel: 01283 795000
  • Action Planning

    Action Planning recruit for senior positions in Christian organisations. Some of their current recruitment assignments are listed on their website.
  • ACTS - African Christian Tours & Safaris

    ACTS is an African-based organisation facilitating short term mission teams, individual Christian volunteer placements and holiday groups throughout Southern & East Africa. We take care of all the logistics of a trip, ensuring that it runs smoothly.
  • Acts 29 Network

    Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches
  • Adventure Plus and Windmill Farm

    Adventure Youthwork for 7,000 children & youth each year, in a positive Christian Environment;
    Christian Adventure Holidays, Youth Weekends, School trips;
    Youthwork with chaotic youth;
    Christian Retreat and Conference Centre;
    and we're building a new base
  • Affinity

    Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians.
    Tel: 07989 773043
  • Affordable Medicines for Africa

    With offices in South Africa and the USA, AMFA exists to ensure that Christian healthcare professionals have access to a comprehensive and consistent formulary of essential medicines, with timely and efficient distribution, at competitive prices.
  • Africa Christian Textbooks

    ACTS provides books that change lives, books that help students to learn and teachers to teach more effectively. Browse this site, and look at the range of literature that will make a difference in your life, your Christian witness, and your ministry.
  • African Bible Colleges

    African Bible Colleges will train Christian leaders and provide on-line educational opportunities to National Africans who want to obtain a Christian education, but who cannot leave their home country nor afford the high cost of tuition outside Africa.
  • Aglow International (Britain)

    More than 21,000 Aglow leaders worldwide minister in their communities and nations, to an estimated 17 million people each year.
    Tel: 0191 4564232
  • AHMinistries

    We provide FREE complimentary copies of our GOOD NEWS booklets on request to all full time clergy, pastors, ministers and chaplains.

    AIM AIR is a Christian missionary aviation team operating 6 aircraft from 3 bases in east and central Africa. Our team of pilots, mechanics, avionics techs, and administrators serve the needs of 50+ Christian organisations and hundreds of missionaries.
    Tel: +254 733 607 674 (KENYA)
  • All Nations Christian College

    Allnations is an independent, evangelical, interdenominational mission training Bible College. The purpose of the allnations is to train students in cross-cultural mission.
    Tel: 01920 443500
  • Alliance for Vulnerable Mission

    The AVM (Alliance for Vulnerable Mission) seeks to encourage wider use of mission and development strategies that depend on locally available resources and local languages.
  • Altitude Mission in Meribel, French Alps.

    Altitude is a 5 month course in Meribel, French Alps. It combines getting a qualification as a ski instructor, with discipleship from live-in couple and mission in Meribel Church plant. Catered chalet in Meribel Centre. Great speakers. Staff wanted too.
    Tel: +44 (0)1983 89 80 89
  • Amano Christian School, Zambia

    Amano Christian School is located in Zambia's Copperbelt Province, in a rural setting about 12km from the mining town of Chingola.
    Tel: +260965431832
  • Ammerdown Centre

    A conference and retreat Centre nestling in woods next to a Stately Home, surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens and parkland, with an exquisitely beautiful chapel in its midst.
    Tel: 01761 433709
  • Amnos Ministries

    The mission of Amnos Ministries is to contribute to the re-evangelisation of the UK and Europe.
    Tel: 0300 11 11 242
  • Amos Christian Trust

    We produce small laminated cards with an image on one side and a text or prayer on the other. Ideal for mission or outreach work.
  • Anchor Education

    Our core business is to run conferences for expatriate families, providing services in Educational testing and evaluation, Educational consultancy for parents (on issues such as Educational planning and Special educational needs) etc.
  • Anderson Matriculation Higher Secondary School

    Tel: ++91 427 2405837
  • Anglican International School Jerusalem

    The Anglican International School is an internationally accredited pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 (ages 2-18) school. It is dedicated to preparing students to succeed throughout the world, in schools, universities, future responsibilities and careers.
    Tel: 972 (0)2 567 7200
  • Anglican Missioners of Africa Development and Education Trust

    Anglican Missioners of Africa witnesses to the Good News in Proclamation and Practical Care. Carlile College is an Anglican College of Higher Education, its mission is to educate for the transformation of African society towards God's Kingdom.
    Tel: 01962 854050
  • Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP

    Tel: 0121 214 3242
  • Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), Beirut, Lebanon

    ABTS' Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) offer excellent education to all those who wish to either minister to Arabs/Muslims locally or in the Middle East/ North African region or want to intensify their studies in this area.
  • Arboyne House

    Arboyne House offers a choice of Holly Lodge (up to 6 guests), The Bakehouse (2 guests) or The Panel Room (2 guests) - or a flexible combination of these.
  • Arrest

    Drs D Hawker (clinical psychologists in Nottingham, UK) offer Assessments, Retreats, Reviews, Education, Supervision, Therapy (for adults and children).
    Tel: 0115 9727169
  • Ascent Creative

    Ascent Creative can provide your organisation, group or event with professional graphic design services - we will fit in with any budget constraints you may have, while producing high-impact marketing materials.
  • Asian Hope International School, Cambodia

    The vision of Asian Hope International School is to provide quality, bilingual Christian education for Cambodian children. The school is dedicated to provide a high quality, child-centred Christian education, in a safe and caring environment.

    Read advice and responses from real missionaries about real-life issues and challenges in their lives, including support raising.
  • Association of Christian Counsellors

    ACC is the national body in the UK for Christian counsellors. Through their site you can find professionally trained Christian counsellors in any area of the UK. They also have links with international networks of counsellors.
    Tel: 0845 124 9569
  • Association of Christian Financial Advisors

    Money and wealth under Biblical principles. ACFA provides a link to a national network of Christian financial advisors.
  • Assumption Volunteers

    Assumption Volunteers sends and supports ten young adults each year in educational and social projects with young people in poor communities in India, Philippines, Lithuania, Rwanda and Newcastle. "Everyone has a mission".
  • Autosave Affinity Partners

    Autosave is driven by over 30 years of experience supplying vehicles directly to consumers and to a broad range of organisations through affinity partnerships including religious groups, charities, unions and the care sector.
    Tel: 0330 404 5543