State Pension & National Insurance

To keep contributing to your UK state pension whilst you work outside the UK, you may need to make voluntary contributions to pay your 'stamp' and for it to count towards your pension. Details can be found on the UK government website, but you may find the following services useful in the process.

A comment from an OSCAR user about state pensions for missionaries:

Missionaries/ex-missionaries who are classified as self-employed (on same basis as a minister of religion) get a very good deal on class 2 contributions at around £2 a week, as regards building up their own state pension. This new lower figure came in April 2000. It is also highly advisable that wives pay their own, rather than rely on their husband's pension. If a husband dies before his retiring age (65), a wife loses out badly, as happened to one of our missionaries. Had she been making her own contributions, she would have been better off.

Also, even if the husband doesn't die, a wife still entitled to pension at 60 currently, may well find that her pension in the period age 60-65, having made her own contributions, will exceed what she would get claiming on her husbands record. Particularly if her husband has less than a full record, through being out of the country.

  • Christians Abroad Voluntary Development Worker National Insurance contributions

    Christians Abroad acts as an agent for volunteers who are working in countries approved by the HMRC as 'developing coutries' as part of the Voluntary Development Worker National Insurance (VDW) provision. This programme remains open although there was some initial uncertainty about its future. If you need information about National Insurance contributions whilst overseas, please contact them.
    Location: Ferndown, Dorset
  • International Pension Centre

    Claiming a State pension if you retire abroad.
  • Social Security Abroad

    HMRC have some online guidance about making National Insurance Contributions whilst you are abroad.
  • State Pension

    Generally, the state pension scheme is a very good investment. The UK Government has most of the information you might need about the state pension scheme, including a section about when you work or live abroad. You can request a pension forecast anytime either by completing an online form or by telephoning the number below. This is the best way to determine what you have and what else might be available to you if you make certain payments.
    Tel: 0800 731 0469