Christian Vehicle Services

  • Hands to Serve / Stichting Hand

    Hands to Serve provides technical aid to missionaries. This includes vehicle repair, computer help and other technical services. Refurbished computers are available to missionaries. The sourcing and shipping of personal effects can also be arranged.
    Tel: +31 786 741509
    Location: Strijen, Netherlands
  • MATS International

    We can help you buy, lease or rent a vehicle for ministry if you're either working or deputising in the USA. We can also help you if you're looking for a vehicle to purchase and ship to Africa, Central or South America, or mostly anywhere.
    Location: Richmond, IN, United States
  • Survive - MIVA

    Survive-MIVA provide vehicles in developing countries for Roman Catholic Missionaries directly engaged in pastoral work. Normally only for Roman Catholic Missionaries, and exceptionally others, directly engaged in development work.
    Tel: 0151 523 3878
    Location: Liverpool
  • USA based Missionary Furlough Vehicles

    This is a list of organizations and ministries that provide vehicles for lease to missionaries on furlough in the USA.