General Christian Counselling and Coaching Services

Organisations and individuals offering general Christian counselling or coaching services

  • The Association of Christian Counsellors

    ACC is the national body in the UK for Christian counsellors. Through their site you can find professionally trained Christian counsellors in any area of the UK. They also have links with international networks of counsellors. A pastoral care training course is available through ACC.
    Location: Coventry, Warwickshire
  • Christian Coach and Mentor Network

    The Christian Coach and Mentor Network is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK.
  • Churches' Ministerial Counselling Service (CMCS)

    Churches' Ministerial Counselling Service (CMCS) is a network of professional counsellors operating in England, Scotland and Wales offering subsidised support to ministers and their households.
    Tel: 01235 517706
    Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire
  • A New Day Counseling Center, USA

    A community based counseling group reaching out to the needs of people in the Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. Dealing with issues of grief, loss, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, physical abuse, sexual abuse, life transitions, identity, and body image. Couple, premarital, and marital issues, including communication, finances, and trust. Self-esteem, behavioral issues, family conflict, and parenting skills.
    Tel: (503) 517-1895
    Location: United States
  • Alongside, Michigan, USA

    Alongside is a Christian ministry that fosters growth and renewal of mind, body and soul for missionaries, pastors and other leaders. Through retreats that offer professional counseling, teaching, and community, Alongside fosters restoration for those who have found themselves in difficult circumstances.
    Tel: 269.447.2100
    Location: United States
  • Barnabas International, Wisconsin, USA

    Barnabas International exists to edify, encourage, enrich, and strengthen servants in ministry. We creatively seek ways to fulfill our charter through a variety of ministry models. We are pastoral care providers, shepherding the hearts and souls of God’s people. Our ministry priorities are targeted toward global servants, pastors, national church leaders, and their families.
    Tel: 815-395-1335
    Location: United States
  • Beracah Counselling, Canada

    Hazel Mayhew offers counselling to individuals and couples with a variety of concerns, including:
    cross-cultural adjustments and missionary re-entry
    ministry issues
    relationships (family of origin, friends, marital, co-workers, etc)
    trauma and abuse
    depression and anxiety
    loss and grief resulting from bereavement or transitions
    career and life changes, including career counselling
    self-worth and self-compassion
    burnout and work related stresses
    spiritual concerns
    Tel: 403-477-8772
    Location: Canada
  • Care Port Counseling

    Care Port Counseling is online video counseling for those who live and serve abroad – whether you’re in the military, in missions, or some type of humanitarian aid work, we’re here to help. Care Port also serves nonprofit organizations serving abroad through mental health consulting.
    Location: United States
  • Cares Counselling Society, Canada

    Providing quality professional counselling services at affordable rates to children, youth, adults, couples, and families residing in the greater Fraser Valley area of Canada.
    Tel: 604-853-8916
    Location: Canada
  • Centre for Counseling and Growth, Taiwan

    We are a Christian member-care centre which promotes the well-being and effectiveness of Christian workers and organizations serving in Taiwan and Asia by caring for people’s spiritual, emotional and relational needs.

    CCG’s services includes counselling, debriefing, assessments, pastoral care, conflict resolution, and team building as well as training in the above skills.
    Tel: [ 04 ] 2236-1901
    Location: Taiwan, Province of China
  • Charlie Schaefer, Christian Therapy, NC, USA

    As a licensed psychologist, I provide Individual, Marital, and Family therapy and counseling, as well as Psychological Evaluations and Consulting. I also extend support and consultation to churches and other domestic and international Christian ministries. Seminars and workshops dedicated to improving family life, personal relationships, trauma and resilience, compassion fatigue, and emotional and spiritual health can be provided.
    Tel: (919) 357-7203
    Location: United States
  • Christian Online Counsellor

    Free online counselling from qualified counsellor Monica who has ten years experience. Areas include marital problems, broken family relationships, sexual abuse, sexual problems amongst Christians, extra marital affairs, caring for the elderly, bereavement, redundancy or work related issues and newly released prisoners.
    Tel: 0798 2040767
  • Compass Ministries, Florida, USA

    Open-sourced member care for Christian missionaries and their families. We offer counselling and other member cares services.
    Tel: 813.217.1896
    Location: United States
  • Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy

    Qualified personal counselling and psychotherapy service to adults, couples, teenagers, and children, including marriage counselling and couple counselling. We work with clients throughout the UK and worldwide via email, telephone, and video chat.
    Location: King's Lynn, Norfolk
  • Cornerstone Counseling, Thailand

    Cornerstone Counseling Foundation primarily serves Christian workers throughout Asia and the people of Thailand.

    We provide confidential and professional counseling, consultation, and training from a Christian perspective for individuals, marriages, families, teams, and organizations.
    Tel: (66) 53-262-136
    Location: Thailand
  • East to West Counseling

    A team of highly qualified mental health professionals offering counseling, therapy, and coaching in a compassionate environment grounded in faith. We work with adults, teenagers, children, couples, and families. Serving English-speaking internationals globally online and at our peaceful practice in Stuttgart, Germany.
    Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Eirene, Argentina

    Eirene Argentina (Integral service to the family Civil Association), was founded in 2006, and its purpose is to reinforce family relationships, instilling values ​​such as love, justice and peace. The Eirene center is located in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It offers courses and workshops of different types and duration, related to the family environment.
  • Ellel Ministries Netherlands

    Ellel Ministries Netherlands is located on an historic estate at the edge of the small village of Baak. In this beautiful God-given place we run the Ellel courses and Healing Retreats for our guests, for every one from 18 to 80+!. Here you can enjoy the peace of this prayer-place and let the fellowship, worship, Kingdom-teaching and ministry strengthen you. Come join our vision to see Christians discipled, healed, set free and released into their God-given destiny.
    Tel: +31 575 441 452
    Location: Netherlands
  • Ellel Ministries Singapore

    Ellel Singapore was established in 2005. We hold a wide variety of training and ministry events in Singapore and also have a vision to reach other nations in East Asia with the life-changing teachings about healing and discipleship.
    Tel: +65 6252 4234
    Location: Singapore
  • Ellel Ministries, Australia

    Ellel Australia is based at Gilbulla near Sydney, where we run a wide selection of short courses, healing retreats and longer training events. Ellel Australia started here in 2002. Ellel Victoria began in 2014. We offer teaching and ministry events at various locations in this part of Australia. We offer in-depth and online training opportunities, conferences, Healing Retreats and events for pastors and leaders.
    Tel: +61 (0)2 4633 8102
    Location: Australia
  • Ellel Ministries, Canada

    The vision of Ellel Ministries Canada is to come alongside people, to minister, to train and to disciple them, so that each one's particular gifts and calling can be fully used in the Body of Christ. This is done by offering Healing Retreats, weekend courses, summer events like our Time Out for Married Couples and The Explore School of Healing and Discipleship.
    Tel: +1 613 273 8700
    Location: Canada
  • Ellel Ministries, Hungary

    Each Ellel centre offers healing retreats, and training courses online and face-to-face.
    Tel: +36 30 631 1900
    Location: Hungary
  • Ellel Ministries, New Zealand

    We are based in a rented office in a local church in Christchurch, but are a very mobile team, travelling to a number of churches in Christchurch and around New Zealand (so far including Mosgiel, Dunedin, Greymouth, Reefton, Westport, Richmond/Nelson, Mapua and Carterton) to provide seminars, training, healing meetings and prayer ministry. We also host international speakers and healing retreats.
    Tel: +64 (0)21 269 8384
    Location: New Zealand
  • Ellel Ministries, USA

    Ellel USA exists to seek to bring the heart of God to the heart of man so that true transformation can take place and individuals can embark on a new journey of discipleship and relationship with Jesus. Currently Ellel USA is offering training and ministry events both at its center in Florida and also through church visits and conferences in other regions.
    Tel: +1 (813) 737 4848
    Location: United States
  • Excelling Leaders, USA

    Excelling Leaders is a non profit ministry that provides a safe place for missionary families, couples and singles to receive coaching, debriefing and resources to equip them to be effective and resilient. We offer a debriefing retreat, coaching and resilience building.
    Tel: +1 616-202-6417
    Location: United States
  • Fermata casa, Tuscany, Italy

    Accommodation in a restored Tuscan farmhouse for all members of the Christian ministry (missionaries, pastors, children's teachers).Ms. Kranjc runs the house and is the contact person for advice, pastoral care and personal debriefing. It is our hope that our guests find a place of rest and relaxation here and continue their service strengthened.
    Tel: +4917653902524
    Location: Italy
  • Field Life, Malaysia

    Field Life offers care, coaching, and a guest house for global workers. Our guesthouse is in Malaysia and our work is done online and in-person as needed.
    Location: Malaysia
  • Flourish Nexus

    Counseling and soul care for English-speaking internationals worldwide offered by qualified mental health professional. I provide online counseling for children, adults, couples, and families.
    Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Frauke C.Schaefer, USA

    As a psychiatrist with extensive experience in psychotherapy, I seek to understand whether my clients' concerns are best addressed through psychotherapy, training in specific skills, stress management strategies, or medications. A client's preference regarding whether or not spiritual issues are addressed, will be fully respected. I frequently work with people involved in Christian ministry, whose faith is integral to their lives.
    Tel: (919) 357-7204
    Location: United States
  • Fulfilled Life Suite

    Hi I'm Claire and I am a Christian Life Coach; I help people of faith take brave steps to build deeply fulfilled and sustainable lives.
    Tel: 07988 355297
    Location: Reading, Berkshire
  • Global Counseling Network

    As an online Christian counseling agency we seek to be counselor-first, so that we can be client-focused. We believe that if counselors are trained, developed, and genuinely cared for, that our clients will be cared for as well.
  • Harbor of Refuge, USA

    We offer retreats, coaching, mission preparation, debriefing, re-entry prep (returning to your home nation) or help with moral/spiritual and emotional support, we want to be available to help meet those needs, even at a distance.
    Location: United States
  • Healing-Care Counseling and Training, PA, USA

    Healing-Care Counseling (HCC) is dedicated to strengthening personal, spiritual, and relational health through Christian non-clinical professional counseling and training services
    Tel: (717) 872 - 7440
    Location: United States
  • Hobson Wellness Resources

    Providing care and resources to help global workers and their families flourish. We currently provide mental health counseling online. We serve individuals, couples, and families. In addition to clinical counseling we also provide debriefing, assessments, coaching, consultation, and training.
    Location: United States
  • International Health Management, Canada

    For over 80 years, we have been passionately committed to helping expatriates and international development workers flourish. The International Health Management program offers comprehensive medical, psychological, and spiritual care to help you ally your work and wellbeing. Our multidisciplinary team of experts combines professional training with insights from decades of experience. They stand ready to help at every stage of your journey.
    Tel: 416-446-0762
    Location: Canada
  • InToMission

    At InToMission, we guide, coach and train people who, based on God's calling, want to make a difference in the lives of people worldwide. We offer them independent cross-cultural guidance during their preparation, deployment and return.
    Tel: +31 6 20 57 01 80
    Location: Netherlands
  • La Posado Training and Care

    La Posada Training and Care ​is a place for global workers (cross-cultural workers, pastors, humanitarian aid workers, etc.) to rest, to restore, to recalibrate. A place to learn and develop and grow.
    Tel: +34.652.144.783
    Location: Spain
  • Life Impact, Aegean Oasis, Greece

    Set on southern coast of the Attica region, the Aegean Oasis offers a safe, quiet place for rest, solitude and hearing from God; located 10 minutes from the sea and surrounded by hillsides available for exploring.

    I provide hospitality and a listening ear, but also use spiritual direction, marriage communication skills, debrief counseling, Enneagram coaching and life coaching to help get unstuck or move forward, with full confidentiality.
  • Living Well, Cambodia

    Living Well provides online and in-person counselling and support for organisations, individuals, couples, and families to help missionaries and expats live well while in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
    Location: Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA, Cambodia
  • Member care Portugal

    The Member Care Portugal ministry is an initiative that aims to provide comprehensive care, reaching the spiritual, emotional and physical areas of the lives of Christian leaders, pastors, missionaries and their families.
    Tel: +351 964 667 213
    Location: Portugal
  • Milla Counsulting

    Pramila Rajendran had launched Miila Consulting in February 2020 which is a Global Counselling and Membercare Consultancy based in India. Our primary aim is to provide a safe place to help individuals and groups with counselling and membercare. We also provide training.
    Tel: +91 8310357826
    Location: India
  • Minnesota Renewal Center, USA

    Minnesota Renewal Center helps heal people & relationships. Skilled and caring mental health professionals are honored to be with you in times of challenge.Working with you to cultivate awareness, insight, understanding, resolution, restoration, & hope…..So you can return to your life renewed.
    - individual, couple, and family counseling
    - care for missionaries, pastors, and churches
    - care for military personnel and their families
    - organizational consulting
    Tel: 651-486-4828
    Location: United States
  • Neue Hoffnung Marburg

    Accommodation in Germany and advisory services are specially designed for full-time employees at home and abroad who are in the service of a community, a Christian work or in an intercultural context. 
    Location: Marburg, Hesse, Germany
  • Olive Tree Counseling; Antalya

    We provide intensive Christian counseling for cross-cultural workers so you can increasingly experience God’s transformation, wholeness and peace. You’ll find a restorative setting in beautiful Antalya, Turkey where our gifted counselors can help you flourish in the work you’ve been called to do.
    Tel: +90 (532) 057 33 45
    Location: Turkey
  • Options Coaching

    Options Coaching network consists of a number of independent coaches. All are professionally trained coaches, many having years of experience within the mission/parachurch/church and Christian ministry sectors.
  • Refresh Retreats

    Heartstream Resources' Rest For Your Body, Counsel For Your Soul! Refresh is a 10-day retreat designed for cross-cultural workers. Held in various locations globally. Program includes counseling, medical consultation, massage, dynamic TCK program, meals & lodging.
    Tel: 1-717-444-2374
    Location: Liverpool, PA, United States
  • SentWell

    Sent Well provides preventive and responsive care and resources for sending organizations, teams, and individuals. We are multidisciplinary, developmental and holistic in our practice. All services are available on site or at our Selah hub in Malaga, Spain; many available in both English and Spanish.
    Location: Spain
  • Shift Youth + Community Coaching

    We help leaders grow their skills and awareness for taking innovative, strategic action so they leave behind a legacy of empowered, thriving individuals, and flourishing communities. For leaders of or in Churches and Christian or Secular organisations. One coaching session could bring the breakthrough for a pressing issue you are facing in your work. A series of sessions could transform your practice and bring about a thriving future for your team and beneficiaries.
    Tel: 01189 314747
    Location: Reading, Berkshire
  • Signs of Hope

    Based in Bali, Indonesia, we offer systemic counselling and coaching for Individuals, couples and families. We also offer specialist Addiction counselling / Co-addiction counselling (especially eating disorders) and nutrition advice.
    Tel: +62 82144456921
    Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Southwest Counseling Associates (SCA), USA

    Southwest Counseling Associates is an agency of approximately 20 licensed mental health professionals offering a full spectrum of psychotherapeutic services for individuals, couples and families throughout their life span.

    We support churches and other organizations through training, consultation, supervision and public presentations. Other services include group experiences and crisis intervention. We at SCA are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of our community.
    Tel: 303-730-1717
    Location: United States
  • TELOS International

    TELOS International, inc. focuses on mental health and relational well-being from a Christian perspective. Recognizing the wholeness of Truth, TELOS seeks to wed the best training in mental health with a faithful Christian worldview. While TELOS provides services within its home country of the United States, a significant portion of its efforts and ministries are provided internationally.
    Tel: 503-620-2137
    Location: United States
  • The Station, Carol Wooten, USA

    Clinical, professional services - If you need a safe, confidential place to talk or are considering changes, we are available. We will base our work on your individual needs, hopes and experiences; bringing our knowledge together to understand, adapt and/or change in the best ways possible.
    Tel: 919-928-3611
    Location: United States
  • The Well International, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    The Well International, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, serves cross-cultural workers in Asia and around the world through Clinical Counseling, Soul Care, Training and Events.
    Tel: + 66 53-131-247
    Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Thomas C. Pennell Christian Counseling Center, USA

    Thomas C. Pennell Christian Counseling Center(TCPCCC) is a ministry of Broadmoor Baptist Church aimed at promoting emotional, relational, and spiritual health of its members and the surrounding community. We works with individuals, couples, families, churches, and communities in creating and maintaining a healthy understanding of spirituality as it relates to overall life-satisfaction.
    Tel: 318-868-6554
    Location: United States
  • Valeo, USA

    We serve all Christian global workers (those sent to serve cross-culturally) and their immediate family members. Our primary services are counseling and psychiatry delivered online anywhere in the world (outside of the U.S.) where there is internet access. We serve clients all over Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. If you are located in the U.S. (outside of South Carolina), you will need to come to our office to receive counseling services.
    Tel: (803) 744-0841
    Location: United States
  • Victorious Minds, Australia

    Reach your potential: improve your well-being, find meaning and fulfilment. If you want better mental health, general support, to thrive in changes to life circumstances, adjust well to another culture or being away from home, overcome conflicts in the workplace, improved relationships and more; we’d love to come aside you to help you overcome any challenges and regain or maintain good health in spirit, mind and body.

    Tel: (+61) 0480 017 008
    Location: Australia
  • Vinculo Foundation, Columbia

    We are a non-profit Foundation established in Medellín, Colombia since 2005 specialized in the areas of Family, Integrative Care and Integral Care from a Christian ethic.
    Tel: +57 319 7835082
    Location: Colombia
  • Wellspring of Hope, USA

    We provide counseling that fits into the schedule and needs of our clients. Individual, Marriage, Family, or Intensive counseling is available in a fashion that promotes wellness, delivered in a modality of treatment that affirms and identifies with each client. We deliver evidence based marriage therapy that brings resolution to current conflicts, forgiveness to past hurts and offenses, relational restoration, and renewed intimacy.
    Tel: 434-439-4822
    Location: United States