Mission Resources Exhibition

To mark OSCAR's 20th birthday, on Wed 4th March 2020 we hosted a Mission Resources Exhibition (MRE) alongside the Midlands Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre (NAEC) in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

MRE included 25 mission resource organisations who provide mission-related services to individuals, mission agencies and mission-minded churches. It was a unique exhibition and networking opportunity for the 200+ people who attended during the day.


Watch this space for future MRE opportunities.

If you are interested in exhibiting at future MREs or partnering with OSCAR to host a MRE then get in touch with Mike Frith, OSCAR's Director.


Feedback from visitors


A great networking opportunity, as I am relatively new to my role it was good to meet with others that are in supporting roles around the organisations.

Great exhibition, attended yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, Such fabulous resources.

Good opportunities for networking and certainly for us, many opportunities to pray for those attending.

We had some excellent contacts with Kingdom Bank, WCT and Ichthus Motors. All were able to more than answer our questions relating to recently returning to the UK after 20+ years of overseas service.

Really positive conversations, thank you. I met someone who I knew in the past and we were able to catch up and plan some future opportunities together. This was a really great opportunity for us and wouldn’t have happened without the facilitation of this day.

The combination of CRE and MRE was excellent

Very well done I thought

I had some good conversations

Meeting up with the mission’s former HR advisor who is now involved with one of the exhibitors. This was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

Very pleased to meet someone who I hadn’t seen for years.

Congratulations for stepping out in this way.


Feedback from exhibitors


We probably had 50 good conversations! Was very good to chat with a number of mission agencies. Made a few contacts with people involved in bigger groups (eg children’s workers for an area rather than an individual church) and also met someone who mentioned a conference we might like to display at.

It was nice to meet up with other mission support workers. Lovely atmosphere.

The organisation, set up and care on the day was superb – top job!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a privilege to be at the event to mark and celebrate the last 20 years of OSCAR!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we appreciate all the effort you went to in organising the event. We had the opportunity to connect with some of our customers and we made some new connections.

A day of encouragement and connection, always good for the soul! A good day overall.

The size meant that it was easy to network with other exhibitors which was positive

MissionAssist had some good conversations with visitors and other exhibitors: One interested in using our Shell books to teach children in Malawi about first aid. Other books may also be of use. Whitefield Christian Trust – Occasionally we receive requests for long term housing for returning missionaries. Whitefield Christian Trust may be able to help. Shunem Trust - sometimes we have requests for long term hospitality. Normally we only offer up to 2 weeks, but Shunem Trust can offer 2 or 3 months. Mission & Relief – from time to time we receive requests to ship goods overseas. Until now I didn’t have any contacts. AFVS – may be helpful in giving us GDPR advice. MissionAssist is different from most other charities and doesn’t fit into standard scenarios.

Whitefield Christian Trust reported: We had a couple arrive at the stand, visiting after going to the CRE.  They explained that they had spent 24 years on mission in France and had returned to the UK having sold their French house.  They want to live in Coventry but have little chance of a mortgage and have capital of only £100K so cannot afford a house in the area.  I explained what WCT do and they were rather amazed.  I suggested they email the trust and I would then get in touch following the exhibition.