29 May 2020, 7:30pm
Online (Zoom)
Admission: Free (Booking Required)
Duration: Under 3 hours
Type: Training, Enquirer, Networking

Why Mission? Q&A panel

Do you have questions? Why is Mission relevant or important today?

Join us for a discussion on the topic of 'Why Mission?'
What motivates missionaries nowadays?

We will have live panel of experienced missionaries to answer your questions. Adam Lowe, head of Mobilising in UK & Ireland, will be your host and introduce the panel.

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Contact us for details of the Zoom meeting and how to take part.

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Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins & peace with God, to displace hatred with love. WEC International takes that news in peace to the peoples of the nations who have yet to hear it. WEC UK is a faith-based fellowship. Join us in this faith venture.
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