25 Jul - 5 Aug 2021
Online (Zoom with live teaching, videos and participation)
Admission: Free (Booking Required)
Duration: More than 1 day
Type: Training, Networking
Activity: Children & Youth, Education & Training, Support Ministries

Training to serve with Missionaries' Children & TCKs

Course outline:

  • Introduction to Third Culture Kids (TCK's) and the reason for working with TCKs
  • Serving in an international school, and in cross-cultural and generational teams
  • Child protection
  • International and Christian education
  • Special educational needs
  • Specific seminars for teachers, teaching assistants, family tutors, and boarding parents
  • The distinct needs of Asian and Latin American TCKs
  • English language learning and the TCK’s mother tongue
  • Transition and re-entry to the passport culture

Participants can join us from many time zones and enjoy meeting other new workers from around the world.

Run by WEC International

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