21 May 2022, 10am-11am
Online (Zoom)
Admission: Free (Booking Required)
Duration: Under 3 hours
Type: Enquirer, Networking, Social
Activity: Children & Youth, Evangelism & Discipleship, Leadership & Management, Practical & Technical, Support Ministries

Teaching in Mission Webinar - 21st May - 10-11am

The skills and experience you have as a teacher are uniquely valuable. 20% of parents have to leave the mission field due to educational needs of their children and over 50% of AIM missionaries have children. You could help these young people grow in education and faith, and, through supporting their parents in this way, you will play a crucial part in enabling the good news to reach peoples that have never heard it before. You will be a good news carrier yourself – firstly to your students, but depending on your location, to locals too. 

Why not come to a short online event to find out more about the many different primary and secondary teaching opportunities across Africa? From teaching missionary children in large international schools, to teaching in mixed ability home school situations, and with a host of school types in between, there’s an opportunity to suit you.

Are you willing to Teach in Mission? Could your lessons impact eternity? 

Run by Africa Inland Mission International

Africa Inland Mission serves and partners with churches to fulfil the Great Commission and advance the gospel among Africans who have the least opportunity to hear about Jesus.
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