24 Apr 2021, 9:45am-1pm
Online (Zoom)
Admission: Free (Booking Required)
Duration: 3 hours to 1 day
Type: Conference/Festival

St. George’s Day – Reimagining English Identity

Come and participate in a conversation to explore these critical issues...

Brexit, the threat to the union, George Floyd’s murder, the Black Lives Matter movement and the toppling/defense of statues all highlight how Britain’s history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and empire still affect people today.

Much effort is made to talk and seek solutions to the continuing effects of this contested and wounded past on black Africans, Caribbean, Asians and others. However, almost nothing is done to talk about and seek solutions for how this difficult past continues to affect the white English population today. Yet this is essential if everyone living in England, both ethnic English and others for whom England is home are to find ways to live with their shared difficult past yet constructively work together to contribute to a better future.

Is this a secular and political matter that should not concern Christians, or do we have something to contribute? If we should be involved, why is that so, and what should we be saying? How does the Bible speak into this situation? What is God’s heart for all humanity? These are the questions that will be explored as we seek to Re-imagine English identity, on Saturday 24th April 2021 via Zoom from 9.45am to 1pm.

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