24 Jan 2022, 12:30pm
Online (Zoom)
Admission: Free
Duration: Under 3 hours
Type: Training

Navigating The Future: COVID-19 In 2022 & Beyond

It’s not gone away. The virus is still shaping how we all live and work. Join this free webinar for a holistic take on how to care for yourself, your team and your organisation in 2022 and beyond.

Chaired by CEO Leanne Kennedy, our panel of doctors, psychologists, occupational health and organisational consultants will share a 1-hour presentation. This will be followed by two 30-minute break-out rooms for a more specialist Q+A with our teams from UK / Europe and from East Africa. Spaces are limited! Sign up now.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Latest Covid-19 and vaccinations update
  • Occupational health considerations for hybrid working
  • Ways to generate those unplanned workplace encounters that can boost belonging, productivity & innovation
  • How to respond to anger, fatigue and ‘end-stage weariness’ in your team
  • How technology can help and hinder team-building now and in the future

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